NDSM Wharf

NDSM Werf is an area in Amsterdam Noord that used to be a derelict shipyard but has been converted into a space for underground culture and events. It is on the other side of the IJ river from the center of Amsterdam but there are frequent (and free) ferries to go there.

Above, aboard the ferry to NDSM Wharf.

Above, EYE Fimmuseum and A’DAM Tower.

Above, looking towards NDSM Wharf.

Above, IJdock.

Above, Botel Hotel.

Above, the ferry terminal at NDSM Wharf.

Above, Zulu-class soviet submarine.

Above, Hilton hotel.

Above, dry dock.

Above, the NDSM crane. It is now a hotel (with just 3 rooms).

Above, under the crane.

Above, the warehouse now houses artist studios.

Above, place with many graffitis.

Above, model photoshoot.

Above, dock behind the Botel Hotel.

Above, Centraal station.

Above, taking the ferry on the way back to the Center.

Above, bike rack near the central railway station.

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