The Hague

Last summer, I went to the Hague for a day trip. I walked around in the city center and to the beach on the North Sea.

Above, exiting Centraal Station.

Above, Muzenplein.

Above, Grote Marktstraat.

Above, gate in Chinatown.

Above, Haagse Toren (The Hague Tower).

Above, Binnenhof.

Above, statue of Willem I.

Above, Hofvijver lake near the Binnenhof.

Above, open air sculpture exhibition.

Above, Escher Museum.

Above, park on the way to the beach of Scheveningen.

Above, Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus.

Above, beach in Scheveningen.

Above, on De Pier.

Above, North Sea.

Above, view from the top of the Pier Tower.

Above, bungee jumping.

Above, on the promenade along the beach.

Above, port.

Above, walking back to the Center.

Above, Grote Kerk.

Above, Grote Markstraat.

Above, near the train station.

Above, inside Centraal Station.


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