Geneva in winter

I went to Geneva on Christmas eve of last year. I walked around at random then headed to Ferney-Voltaire, in France.

Above, Cornavin railway station.

Above, Rhône.

Above, swan on Lake Geneva.

Above, Jet d’eau.

Above, Old Town.

Above, view of the Jura mountains from the old town.

Above, Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

Above, view from Parc de l’Observatoire.

Above, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire.

Above, Parc des Bastions.

Above, Grand Théâtre.

Above, synagogue.

Above, “La Créature de Frankenstein” (Frankie) by KLAT, in Plainpalais.

Above, Plainpalais.

Above, Musée d”Ethnographie.

Above, Hans-Wildorf bridge.

Above, Arve river.

Above, Bâtiment des Forces Motrices on the Rhône.

Above, Lake Geneva.

Above, Pont du Rhône.

Above, Avenue de France.

Above, Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Développement.

Above, United Nations.

Above, Place des Nations.

Above, Route de Ferney.

Above, highway.

Above, plane at the airport.

Above, tunnel to Ferney-Voltaire.

Above, field in Ornex.

Above, Mont Blanc from Ferney-Voltaire.


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