Coulée Verte René Dumont (Promenade Plantée)

The Coulée Verte René Dumont (formerly known as Promenade Plantée) is a 4.7 km elevated linear park built on top of a former railway in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. It links Bois de Vincennes with Bastille.

The start of the Coulée Verte is near the Périphérique. However, I started from Square Charles Péguy: I wanted to check out the community garden built near the Petite Ceinture railway, which can only be accessed from the Square. I then walked all the way to Bastille.

Above, entrance of Square Charles Péguy on rue Rottembourg.

Above, towards the community garden next to the Petite Ceinture.

Above, end of the path.

Above, train tracks of the Petite Ceinture.

Above, leaves turning yellow.

Above, back at Square Charles Péguy.

Above, on the Coulée Verte.

Above, bridge in the Jardin de Reuilly – Paul Pernin.

Above, sunbathing.

Above, sundial.

Above, rue Montgallet.

Above, avenue Daumesnil.

Above, at the end of the path near Bastille.

Above, on rue de Lyon near Opéra Bastille.

Above, column at Place de la Bastille. It is currently undergoing maintenance to prepare for the opening of the underground crypt to the public.


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