Walk along Rivière des Prairies (part 2) in Laval: Parc Gagné, Parc des Prairies, Berge Délia-Tétreault

After Ile Perry, I crossed the Rivière des Prairies to reach the town of Laval. There, I walked in Parc Gagné, Parc des Prairies and Berge Délia-Tétreault. I then crossed the river again in order to take the subway at Henri-Boussara station, near Parc Ahuntsic in Montreal.

Above, train tracks on the bridge to Laval.

Above, ducks in Parc Gagné.

Above, power transmission towers on Ile Perry.


Above, in Parc des Prairies.

Above, Centre Le Maillon de Laval.

Above, in Berge Délia-Tétreault.

Above, black squirrel.

Above, Pont Papineau-Leblanc.

Above, lighthouse.

Above, Pont Viau to Montreal.

Above, Parc Maurice-Richard.

Above, in Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

Above, near Parc Ahuntsic.


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