Hike to Pointe de la Sambuy

I spent last summer (and more) in Annecy, in Haute-Savoie. I went back on a hike to Pointe de la Sambuy, in the Bauges mountains near Faverges (south of Annecy). This time, I took the standard trail to the summit.

Here is a map of the path I walked (download KML):

I went by bike to the Camping La Ravoire, in the southern part of Lake Annecy. There I took a summer shuttle to the ski resort of La Sambuy. The shuttle had a trailer to carry bikes so I took mine with me. At the resort, I took the ski lift to the top of the slopes and the start of the trail. I climbed to the summit: It was not that hard except towards the end where the path was steep and narrow. At the top, there was a great view on all the Bauges. Then I went back using the same path. After getting back to the resort, I went down with my bike towards Faverges.

Above, on the ski lift.

Above, view of Lake Annecy from the ski lift station.

Above, starting on the path.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, summit of Pointe de la Sambuy.

Above, Pointe d’Arcalod, the highest peak of the Bauges, and Mont Trélod.

Above, Petite Sambuy.

Above, Pointe de Chaurionde.

Above, Pointe de Vélan.

Above, Lac d’Annecy and La Tournette.

Above, paraglider preparing.

Above, view of La Grande Sambuy from La Petite Sambuy.

Above, on the path to La Grande Sambuy.

Above, at the summit.

Above, view of Pointe de la Chaurionde from the summit.

Above Mont Trélod.

Above, Pointe d’Arcalod.

Above, Montagne du Charbon.

Above, Lac d’Annecy.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, Mont de la Coche.

Above, Aravis.

Above, on the way down.

Above, on the road to Faverges.

Above, Dent de Cons.

Above, looking back at La Sambuy from Seythenex.


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