Towers of Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève is a church in the old town of Geneva. It was built as a roman catholic church in the Middle Ages but became the adopted home church of Calvin, one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. Entrance to the main building is free, however access to the towers, with an open air observatory and a great view of Geneva and the lake, costs 5 Fr.

Above, stairs to the towers.

Above, watch room in the south tower. That tower does not have an open air platform.

Above, bell tower, north tower and Jet d’Eau in the background.

Above, crossing to the north tower.

Above, Lake Geneva.

Above, Pont du Mont Blanc.

Above, open air platform of the north tower.

Above, Salève.

Above, RTS tower.

Above, south tower.

Above, Jet d’Eau and Eaux Vives.

Above, temporary ferris wheel for the summer.

Above, on the way down.

Above, back in the church.

Above, tomb of Duc de Rohan.


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