Jet d’Eau

The Jet d’Eau is a large 140m-high fountain in Lake Geneva, located in the Eaux-Vives district of Geneva next to where the lake flows into the Rhône. It is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and is visible from far away. There is a walkway, the Jetée des Eaux-Vives, to get right next to the nozzle. Here is a schedule of the operating hours of the fountain.

Above, the Jet d’Eau seen from Cathédrale Saint-Pierre.

Above, Jetée des Eaux-Vives.

Above, many swans.

Above, Lake Geneva (Lac Léman).

Above, Phare des Pâquis.

Above, nozzle. The water is pumped at a speed of 200 km/h.

Above, at the tip of the Jetée.

Above, Rade de Genève, looking towards the Rhône.

Above, Pâquis.


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