Ruins of Château de Chaumont

The Château de Chaumont is a former castle located in the village of Chaumont in Haute-Savoie, below Le Vuache. It was built starting in the 12th century and was razed by the French in the 17th century. These days, only a few fragments of walls remain, but the hill it was built on is now a park that offers a great view on the plain below and the surrounding mountains. In very clear days, it is even possible to see the Mont Blanc.

Above, coming from the village.

Above, remains of the gate.

Above, canyon formed by Le Fornant.

Above, Le Mont.

Above, hazy Salève in the background.

Above, remains of the keep.

Above, village of Chaumont below.

Above, thick walls.

Above, Le Vuache. The trail to its summit starts in Chaumont.

Above, orientation table, sponsored by the Ke Viva Chaumont society.

Above, the ruins of the castle seen from the beginning of the trail to Le Vuache.


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