Hike to Aiguillette d’Argentière, Lacs des Chéserys, Lac Blanc & Lac de la Persévérance

At the end of the summer of 2021, I went on a hike in Chamonix: I walked by Aiguillette d’Argentière on the way to Lac Blanc and Lac de la Persévérance. I had already been to Lac Blanc many years ago, but I hadn’t known about Lac de la Persévérance then: It is a bit higher and less crowded.

Here is a map of the path I walked:

In the morning, I took the train to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains then switched to a replacement bus to Chamonix. I then boarded a local bus in order to reach Montroc further in the valley. I started walking from there to Tré-le-Champ and the start of the trail to Aiguillette d’Argentière. At the Aiguillette, there was a hard part with ladders and steps. After a while, I reached the Lacs des Chésérys then kept walking up to Lac Blanc. There was a lot of people there. I kept walking up in order to reach Lac de la Persévérance below the Aiguilles Rouges. I was the only one there. On the way down, I walked a little bit near Lac Blanc then headed to the upper station of Télécabine de la Flégère. Once I got back to the valley, I walked along the Arve river to the center of Chamonix and the train station.

▲ In Montroc.

▲ Mont Blanc.

▲ Tré-le-Champ. That road goes to Switzerland.

▲ On the trail.

▲ Tête de Balme. The Arve river starts there.

▲ Aiguillette d’Argentière. There were a few people preparing to climb.

▲ First ladders.

▲ Aiguillette d’Argentière from above.

▲ Aiguille Verte.

▲ Aiguille de Chardonnet.

▲ Handrail.

▲ Glacier d’Argentière.

▲ Tête de Balme and Col de Balme. Beyond is Switzerland.

▲ Mont Blanc.

▲ Out of the hard part.

▲ Upper station of Télécabine de la Flégère.

▲ Le Brévent.

▲ Heather.

▲ Mer de Glace.

▲ Aiguille du Tour and Glacier du Tour.

▲ One of the Lacs des Chéserys.

▲ The main Lac des Chéserys (Lac supérieur).

▲ Aiguille Verte reflection.

▲ Refuge du Lac Blanc above.

▲ Glacier de Lognan and Glacier de la Pendant below Aiguille Verte.

▲ Mer de Glace.

▲ Mont Blanc.

▲ One last ladder.

▲ The upper Lac des Chéserys seen from above.

▲ Lac Blanc and Refuge du Lac Blanc.

▲ Aiguille du Belvédère.

▲ The main part of Lac Blanc.

▲ On the way to Lac de la Persévérance.

▲ There are some yellow paint marks to show the way.

▲ Some snow left in September.

▲ Aiguilles Rouges.

▲ Dry lower Lac de la Persévérance.

▲ Grandes Jorasses.

▲ Lac de la Persévérance is in a bowl past those rocks.

▲ Lac de la Persévérance.

▲ Painted rock.

▲ Dent du Géant on the way back.

▲ Hikers.

▲ Mont Blanc.

▲ Mer de Glace.

▲ A tip of Lac Blanc.

▲ Glacier d’Argentière.

▲ Glacier du Tour.

▲ Moraine of Glacier du Tour.

▲ Col du Belvédère.

▲ Refuge du Lac Blanc.

▲ Little bird.

▲ On the way down to Télécabine de la Flégère.

▲ Mer de Glace.

▲ Aiguille Verte.

▲ Dry lake.

La Flégère in view.

▲ Lac de la Flégère.

▲ Lake for artificial snow.

▲Aiguilles Rouges.

▲ Upper station of Télécabine de la Flégère.

▲ Lower station in the valley.

▲Aiguille Verte and Grande Dru.

▲ Aiguille du Midi.

▲ Path along the Arve.

▲ Ahead is the confluence of the Arve and Arveyron rivers.

▲ Limestone quarry.

▲ Arve towards Chamonix.

▲ Mont Blanc.

▲ Glacier des Bossons.

▲ Place du Mont Blanc.

▲ SNCF train station in Chamonix.

▲ On the Mont Blanc Express train to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains.


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