Hike to Montagne de Sulens

Last summer, starting from Le Bouchet-Mont-Charvin, I went on a hike to Montagne de Sulens.

Here is a map of the path I walked:

In the morning, I took a Car Région bus (line Y62) to Thônes. I then boarded a CCVT summer shuttle to Le Bouchet-Mont-Charvin. I started walking on the road and arrived at the path I had already taken a few weeks earlier (in the other direction): It passed below Montagne de Sulens on the way to Col de la Botte. At the Col, I found the ridge trail to the summit, passing through Petit Sulens. There was a great view all along. After the summit, I continued a bit further until after the cross (Croix de Sulens). In the morning, I wanted to do a loop and go back to Le Bouchet. However, I wasn’t feeling another ascent, so instead, I went down towards Col du Marais (another option would have been to go down to Serraval, but I wasn’t sure there was a trail and the schedule was already tight as it is to make it in time for the shuttle). I waited there for the shuttle back to Thônes.

▲ Above Le Bouchet-Mont-Charvin.

▲ View of Montagne de Sulens from the road.

▲ Pointe d’Orsière.

▲ Below Montagne de Sulens.

▲ Path to Col de la Botte.

▲ Aravis.

▲ La Tulle.

▲ Trail to the ridge of Montagne de Sulens.

▲ Col de la Botte.

Crêt des Mouches.

Roc de Nantbellet.

▲ Summit of Tournette.

▲ Cattle in the pasture.

▲ Mont Blanc in the clouds and Tête de l’Aulp.

▲ Looking down at Le Bouchet-Mont-Charvin from Petit Sulens.

▲ La Tournette.

▲ Montagne de Sulens.

▲ Tête de l’Arpettaz, Tête Ronde and Tête Noire.

▲ Summit in view.

▲ View from the summit.

▲ Col de Merdassier and Aravis.

Mont Charvin.

▲ L’Étale.

Astrantia major.

▲ Continuing on the ridge.

▲ Towards Thônes.

▲ Mont Lachat de Thônes.

▲ Croix de Sulens.

▲ Looking back at the summit.

▲ Pointe Percée.

▲ Manigod.

Pointe de Merdassier.

▲ Montagne de Sulens seen from Pointe de Merdassier.

▲ Pointe de Beauregard and Chaîne du Bargy.

▲ On the way back.

▲ Aiguille du Bouchet.

▲ Chalets de Sulens below.

▲ The south part of the Aravis.

▲ Mont Charvin.

▲ Fireweed.

▲ Green pasture.

▲ La Tournette.

▲ Road to Col du Marais.

▲ At Col du Marais.


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