Bike ride to Saint-Jorioz along Lake Annecy / Marais de l’Enfer

Last winter, I took my bike on the Voie Verte (bike road) along Lake Annecy until I reached Saint-Jorioz. There was a great view on the Bornes mountains from there. On the way back, I stoped at the Marais de l’Enfer (Swamp of Hell), a nature reserve on the shore of the lake.

Above, the lake in Annecy.

Above, firemen watering the lake.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, Ile aux Cygnes.

Above, Mont Veyrier.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz.

Above, Promenade Cheltenham.

Above, Salève in the background.

Above, Montagne d’Entrevernes to the south.

Above, leaving Annecy.

Above, in Sévrier.

Above, Dents de Lanfon.

Above, Promenade des Seines.

Above, Dents de Lanfon, Lanfonnet and Tournette.

Above, Semnoz.

Above, Mont Baret.

Above, at the Plage Municipale (City beach) of Sévrier.

Above, Port of Sévrier.

Above, snow on La Tournette.

Above, Voie Verte.

Above, in Saint-Jorioz.

Above, Château de Menthon, on Col de Bluffy.

Above, cliff of Roc de Chère.

Above, boat terminal.

Above, port of Saint-Jorioz.

Above, donkeys.

Above, in Marais de l’Enfer, on the way to the lake.

Above, reed.

Above, on the way back to Annecy.

Above, small canal in the old town.

Above, view from Pont des Amours.


Novel neighbourhood in Annecy

Novel is a neighbourhood of Annecy built during the 1960’s and 1970’s on land previously occupied by farmland. It has many of the tallest buildings in the city, some designed by architect Maurice Novarina, as well as a church, the Castle of Novel and parks.

Below, Manoir de Novel (Castle of Novel) and its park (Jardin du Manoir de Novel).

Above, the park in winter.

Above, Place de l’Anapurna.

Above, Eglise Saint-Louis de Novel.

Below, rue Louis Armand, a pedestrian street.

Above, toro lantern in a Japanese garden.

Université Savoie Mont Blanc / Savoie Technolac

The Université Savoie Mont Blanc is a university in the region of Savoie with a few campuses in the Chambéry and Annecy area, including one dedicated to teaching science and located at the Savoie Technolac, in Bourget-du-Lac.

Above, library.

Above, Dent du Chat above.

Above IUT.

Above, Dent du Nivolet on the other side of the valley.

Above, roof of the INES building.

Parc du Bois Vidal (Aix-les-Bains)

Parc du Bois Vidal is a large park in Aix-les-Bains. It has multiple forest paths, lawns and a viewpoint (belvédère) with a good view on Lac du Bourget and the surrounding mountains.

Above, Dent du Chat hidden by clouds.

Above, the main path on the way to the viewpoint.

Above, belvédère.

Above, Lac du Bourget.

Above, Mont de Corsuet.

Above, Dent du Chat still in the clouds.

Above, Mont de la Charvaz.