Autumn at the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is in Koishikawa, Bunkyo, Tokyo, next to Tokyo Dome City. It is one of two surviving Edo period clan gardens in modern Tokyo and one of the oldest and best preserved parks in Tokyo.


Hike from Mount Jinba to Mount Takao

Mount Jinba (陣馬山; 857m) and Mount Takao (高尾山; 599m) are mountains in Hachioji, in western Tokyo. I had already done this trail starting from Mount Takao but it was raining quite heavily then, with a lot of fog as well. A couple of weeks ago, confident in the stability of late autumn weather, I set out for Hachioji again, but this time started at the base of Mount Jinba. The trail is long but not very difficult. I arrived at Mount Takao a short time before sunset. Since this is the season of koyo (“colorful leaves”) and the Japanese love watching the changing of seasons, there were a lot of people admiring the red maple leaves at the summit. I then took the lift on the way down.

Above, to get to the summit of Mount Jimba, I took a trail in the forest instead of the mountain road + stairs.

Above, the horse statue at the summit of Mount Jinba.

Above, Mount Fuji.

Above, on the way to Mount Kagenobu.

Above, at the summit of Mount Kagenobu.

Above, on the way to Kobotoke Pass.

Above, at Kobotoke Pass.

Above, Lake Sagami.

Above, at the summit of Mount Shiro.

Above, view of Mount Takao (peak on the right) from the summit of Mount Shiro.

Above, on the way to Mount Takao.

Above, red maple leaves at Momijidai, just before reaching the summit of Mount Takao.

Above, view from the summit of Mount Takao.

Above, a lot of people were there to watch the autumn colors.

Above, tengu statue at a shrine.

Above, more stairs on the way down to the Takaosan Yakuoin Temple.

Above, last sunlight on the white pagoda at the Yakuoin Temple.

Above, sunset on Tokyo.

Above, on the lift down to Takaosanguchi.