Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands not very far south of Amsterdam. Utrecht’s ancient city centre features many buildings and structures dating from the Middle Ages. I went there for a day last september and walked around.

Above, the Dom Tower of Utrecht.

Above, Domkerk (Saint Martin’s Cathedral).

Above, Nieuwegracht.

Above, Stadsbuitengracht.

Above, observatory.

Above, Dom Tower.

Above, university.

Above, Water Tower.

Above, Miffy. Her creator Dick Bruna is from Utrecht.

Above, walking along the Oudegracht.

Above, Domkerk.

Above, garden of the Dom church.

Above, Miffy at the train station.

SAIL Amsterdam is a maritime event taking place every 5 years in Amsterdam, where boats from all over the world come to the Amsterdam harbour for a few days. Some of the ships can then be visited.


Above, IJ River from Houthaven, in Amsterdam West.

Above, view from REM Eiland.

Above, Stenen Hoofd.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Above, EYE Filmmuseum and A’DAM Tower.

Above, behind Centraal Station, on the way to IJhaven, where most of the boats were mooring.

Above, at IJhaven.

Above, boat at the Maritime Museum.

Above, IJhaven in the morning.

Above, aboard the Belem.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal from the tip of Java Eiland.

Above, last day of SAIL Amsterdam 2015.

Above, on a ferry to Amsterdam Noord.

BBQ pork, Peking duck and crispy pork with fried rice.


REM Eiland is a platform that used to broadcast pirate TV and radio from the North Sea but that now sits near the IJ river in Houthaven, in Amsterdam West. The roof can be accessed freely and also has a restaurant. I was there during SAIL Amsterdam 2015, hence all the boats on the IJ.

Above, NDSM Wharf, in Amsterdam Noord.

Above, looking towards EYE Filmmuseum.

Above, Houthaven.

Het Schip (“The Ship”) is an apartment building in the Spaarndammerbuurt district of Amsterdam. It was designed in 1919 by Michel de Klerk as a block of housing for the working class and follows the Brick Expressionism style of the Amsterdam School of architecture. The building also includes a post office, which now hosts the visitor center of the Museum. Guided tours start there.

Above, entrance of the visitor center.

Above, post office.

Above, inside the post office.

Above, reconstruction of a working class dwelling around the time Het Schip was designed.

Above, garden at the center of the block.

Above, an apartment below the turret can be visited (only as part of the tour).

Above, in the turret of Het Schip.

Above, exhibition of street furniture behind the Museum café.

Above, another building designed by Michel de Klerk. The Spaarndammerbuurt district contains many other examples of the Brick Expressionism style.

Above, Spaarndammerplantsoen.



Dolsot bibimbap @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

Banchan @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

Banchan @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

Banchan @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

Kimchi @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

Fried Korean dumplings @ L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

L'Arbre de Sel @ Montparnasse @ Paris

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