Spicy Noodle Soup at Trois Fois Plus de Piment in Paris

Sichuanese Noodle Soup, with beeef ragout and lotus roots (Nouilles Boeuf Sichuanaises). Very good.

Like their other spicy dishes, it is possible to choose the spice level from 0 to 5. The last time I was at this restaurant, I had level 1 but thought it was too mild. So this time, I got level 3, which was quite spicy. I sweated a lot indeed… Maybe level 2 is the just right setting?

Above, I also had the ravioli with Sichuanese sauce.


Lac Daumesnil (Bois de Vincennes)

Lac Daumesnil is an artifical lake located in Bois the Vincennes, in east Paris.

Below, the lake in spring.

Above, coot.

Above, Temple of Love.

Above, grotto below the Temple of Love.

Above, swans.

Below, the park in late fall.

Above, feeding the birds.

Above, group of geese.

Above, pavilion of Cameroon built for the Paris Colonial Exhibition in 1931. Nowadays, it is a Buddhist temple (Pagode du Bois de Vincennes).

Above, Temple of Love on Island of Reuilly.

Above, duck.

Below, the lake in late summer. The path was infested with runners so I didn’t stay long that time.