The Amstel is a river in the Netherlands which runs through the city of Amsterdam, which took its name from it (originally, Amstelredam).

Above, Amstel river near Amstelpark.

Above, coots.

Above, Omval distict.

Above, Berlagebrug.

Above, Intercontinal Amsterdam hotel.

Above, Koninklijk Theater Carré.

Above, Magere Brug.

Above, Magere Brug after King’s Day.

Above, Hermitage Amsterdam.

Above, Stopera.

Above, Amstel at sunrise.



Vondelpark is Amsterdam’s most popular park. It is located in Amsterdam Zuid, just south of the Canal belt.

Below, the park in winter.

Above, statue of Joost van den Vondel, after whom the park is named.

Above, ‘Fish’ statue by Pablo Picasso.

Below, the park in spring.

Above, love lock.

Above, rose garden.

Below, the park in summer.

Below, the park in the fall.