Paris Zoological Park (Vincennes Zoo)

The Paris Zoological Park is a zoo located in the Bois de Vincennes, on the east side of Paris. It houses 1,000 animals from 180 species.

Above, entrance.

Above, lemurs.

Above, in the greenhouse.

Above, looking at a manatee.

Above, ostrich.

Above, giraffes.

Above, zebra.

Above, “Big Rock”.

Above, baboons.

Above, capybara.

Above, bush dogs.

Above, llamas.

Above, penguin.

Above, rhinoceros.

Above, lemurs.

Above, vicuña.

Natura Artis Magistra (Amsterdam Zoo)

Natura Artis Magistra is a zoo in Amsterdam and the oldest in the Netherlands. It houses 700 species.

Above, camels.

Above, Japanese macaques.

Above, lemurs heating themselves under the morning sun.

Above, ibex.

Above, coypu.

Above, howling wolf.

Above, Japanese garden.

Above, penguin.

Above, inside the butterfly greenhouse.

Above, little frog inside the greenhouse.

Above, gorilla.

Above, meerkat inside the gorilla cage.

Above, giraffe.

Above, sleeping lion.

Above, porcupine.

Above, kangaroo.

Above, meerkat on the lookout.

Above, racoon.

Above, llama.

Above, anteater.

Above, capybara.

Above pink flamingos.

Above, in the Micropia exhibition.

Above, Artisplein outside the zoo.