Novel neighbourhood in Annecy

Novel is a neighbourhood of Annecy built during the 1960’s and 1970’s on land previously occupied by farmland. It has many of the tallest buildings in the city, some designed by architect Maurice Novarina, as well as a church, the Castle of Novel and parks.

Below, Manoir de Novel (Castle of Novel) and its park (Jardin du Manoir de Novel).

Above, the park in winter.

Above, Place de l’Anapurna.

Above, Eglise Saint-Louis de Novel.

Below, rue Louis Armand, a pedestrian street.

Above, toro lantern in a Japanese garden.


Université Savoie Mont Blanc / Savoie Technolac

The Université Savoie Mont Blanc is a university in the region of Savoie with a few campuses in the Chambéry and Annecy area, including one dedicated to teaching science and located at the Savoie Technolac, in Bourget-du-Lac.

Above, library.

Above, Dent du Chat above.

Above IUT.

Above, Dent du Nivolet on the other side of the valley.

Above, roof of the INES building.

Lyon Confluence neighbourhood

Lyon Confluence is the neighbourhood of Lyon located south of the Lyon-Perrache train station, and north of the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Until not very long ago, it was an area solely dedicated to industry and full of warehouses, but after a few years of construction and millions of euros in investment, the urban-renewal project has brought new shops, restaurants, offices, housing and a new museum (Musée des Confluences).

Above, Le Cube Orange.

Above, parking garage at Lyon-Perrache.

Above, Saône river.

Above, Stade Sonny Anderson.

Above, Jardin Aquatique Ouagadougou.

Above, Pont des Arts, with the new Pôle de Commerces et de Loisirs de Confluence (a shopping mall) on the other side of the canal.

Above, Jardin d’Erevan.

Above, Jardin Aquatique Jean Couty.

Above, former crane on the docks.

Above, autonomous shuttle Navly.

Above, new HQ of EuroNews.

Above, the new Musée des Confluences.

Above, confluence of Rhône (left) and Saône (right) rivers.

Above, Jardin du Musée des Confluences.


Above, Pont Raymond Barre, to Gerland.

Above, Rhône.

Above, the museum seen from Parc de Gerland.