P+R Etoile

The P+R Etoile is a large parking garage (P+R = Parking Relais) located on the outskirts of Geneva.

Above, Voie Centrale, which passes below the parking lot.

Above, Pont Rouge real estate development under construction nearby.

Above, access ramp.

Above, bike shack.

Above, T72 bus to Annecy.


Eglise Saint-Louis de Novel

The Eglise Saint-Louis de Novel is a catholic church built during the 1960’s in the Novel-Teppes neighbourhood of Annecy. It was designed in the brutalist style by architect Michel Saint-Maurice.

Above, nativity scene for Christmas.

Above, stations of the Cross by Constant Demaison.

Above, fish-shaped stoup.

Jardin des Colonnes

The Jardin des Colonnes is a park in Paris, located on Place de Séoul, near Montparnasse and the Eglise Notre-Dame du Travail. Its name comes from the surrounding housing development, designed by brutalist architect Ricardo Bofill, of Espaces d’Abraxas fame.

Above, the Columns.

Modern art & architecture of Rotterdam

Since its historic center was almost completely destroyed during WW2, Rotterdam was rebuilt in modern architecture after the war. In the last few years, many new towers have arisen and many new iconic buildings designed. The cityscape is also dotted with many modern sculptures.

Above, “Santa Claus” (aka Butt Plug Gnome) by Paul McCarthy.

Above, Markthal.

Above, inside the building.

Above, Laurenskerk in the background.

Above, “The Guard” by Hans van Bentem.

Above, “Sylvette” by Picasso.

Above, near the entrance of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, under the Erasmusbrug.

Above, in Kop van Zuid.

Above, Floating Pavillon in Rijnhaven.

Above, Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Center.

Above, Centraal Station.

Above, Euromast.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Pauluskerk.

Above, World Port Center and New York Hotel.

Above, Netherlands Photo Museum.

Above, Cube Houses.