Colonnes de Buren (Les Deux Plateaux)

The Colonnes de Buren is an art installation created by French artist Daniel Buren in 1986. It is located in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal in Paris.


“The Garden Which is the Nearest to God” by Taturo Atzu at the Oude Kerk

“The Garden Which is the Nearest to God” is the title of the temporary platform installed by artist Taturo Atzu on the roof of the Oudekerk, in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. It is gone now, but the tower of the church provides a similar view every year from April to September.

Above, view of the platform and the church from the canal.

Above, view of the platform from the tower of Oudekerk.

Above, the stairs to reach the platform.

Above, on the platform.

Above, the tower of Oudekerk.

Above, Centraal Station.

Above, the crane of NDSM.


Above, Oosterdok Island.

Above, Oudekerk from below.

Miffy 60 years in Museumplein

Miffy is a famous cartoon bunny created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna in 1955, which makes 2015 her 60th birthday. To celebrate, there are Miffy-centered events in the Netherlands and in Japan all year-round. One of the events is the Miffy Art Parade: 60 artists were given a Miffy-shaped white statue to customize. Some of the statues are now exhibited on Museumplein in Amsterdam.

Above, Miffy Ducky.

Above, another Miffy statue, near the Rijksmuseum.

ArtZuid 2015

ArtZuid 2015 is an open-air international sculpture exhibition. It takes place in the Apollobuurt neighbourhood of Amsterdam Zuid until September 9th.

Above, Apollo House on the way to the exhibition.

Above, sculpture by KAWS.

Above, sculpture by Jaume Plensa.

Above, sculpture by Georg Herold.

While I was in the area, I made a detour to the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium.

Above, olympic flame at the stadium.

Above, the visitor center with more people.