Spicy Noodle Soup at My Noodles in Paris

Spicy noodle soup with beef (N1 on the menu). The noodles are handmade in the shop and have a pleasant chewiness.

Above, I came back a few weeks later. This time, I tried the spicy beef with noodles in soup (N2). It was pretty similar to N1 (although with a different kind of cut of beef, as well as some tofu and bean sprouts, hidden under the noodles).



Spicy Noodle Soup at Trois Fois Plus de Piment in Paris

Sichuanese Noodle Soup, with beeef ragout and lotus roots (Nouilles Boeuf Sichuanaises). Very good.

Like their other spicy dishes, it is possible to choose the spice level from 0 to 5. The last time I was at this restaurant, I had level 1 but thought it was too mild. So this time, I got level 3, which was quite spicy. I sweated a lot indeed… Maybe level 2 is the just right setting?

Above, I also had the ravioli with Sichuanese sauce.