Boat ride on Lac du Bourget

At the end of the hike to Mont de Corsuet and Montagne de la Biolle, I went on a cruise on Lac du Bourget. I chose the 1h “Découverte” (Discovery) tour operated by Compagnie des Bateaux du lac du Bourget: Starting at the Grand Port in Aix-les-Bains, the boat goes to the Hautecombe Abbey on the north-western area of the lake and back.

Above, cruise boat docking at the Grand Port.

Above, leaving the marina.

Above, looking south.

Above, Montagne de la Charvaz.

Above, looking north, Mont Colombier can be seen in the distance.

Above, Dent du Chat.

Above, Massif de la Chambotte.

Above, on the way to the abbey, the boat hugs the western shore.

Above, Plage du Meunier, a beach only accessible by boat.

Above, Hautecombe Abbey in view.

Above, the abbey from up close.

Above, docking near the abbey to pick up passengers on the way back to Aix-les-bains.

Above, Belvédère de la Chambotte.

Above, Mont de Corsuet.

Above, the sunniest place in Savoie, in Baie de Grésine.

Above, cliff of Montagne de la Biolle.

Above, Pointe de l’Ardre.

Above, Mont Revard.

Above, Dent du Chat.

Above, lighthouse at the Grand Port.

Above, docking.


Grand Port of Aix-les-Bains

The Grand Port is a marina in Aix-les-Bains, on the eastern shore of Lac du Bourget. Beyond the marina, the area also has a promenade, parks and piers with a good view on the lake and the surrounding mountains. It is also where the cruise boats of the Compagnie des Bateaux du lac du Bourget depart from.

Above, mouth of the Sierroz river, south of the Grand Port.

Above, Dent du Chat.

Above, amusement park on Esplanade du Lac.

Above, cliffs of Massif de la Chambotte.

Above, ticket booth for the lake cruises.

Above, cruise boat.

Above, lighthouse.

Above, Mont de la Charvaz on the other shore.

Above, Mont de Corsuet.

Above, pier seen from a cruise boat.

Above, mannequin heads near the bus stop to the train station.

Spido Rotterdam Harbour Tour

Spido Rotterdam Harbour Tour is a boat tour in Rotterdam: It starts near the Erasmusbrug in the center of the city and goes along the Nieuwe Maas river all the way to the port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest in the world. It is possible to see the shipyards, docks and the transshipping of containers. The tour lasts 75 minutes.

Above, the tour boat.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, a quick passage to the other side of the Eramsusbrug in order to make a turn.

Above, tunnel air shaft.

Above, Euromast. It has an observatory with a great view on the city.

Above, quarantine.

Above, containers.


Above, oil extraction platform.

Above, pipe laying ship.

Above, Erasmusbrug in the distance.

Above, SS Rotterdam cruise ship.

Above, Hotel New York.

Above, a cruise ship moored at the cruise terminal.

Above, back at the bridge.

SAIL Amsterdam 2015

SAIL Amsterdam is a maritime event taking place every 5 years in Amsterdam, where boats from all over the world come to the Amsterdam harbour for a few days. Some of the ships can then be visited.


Above, IJ River from Houthaven, in Amsterdam West.

Above, view from REM Eiland.

Above, Stenen Hoofd.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Above, EYE Filmmuseum and A’DAM Tower.

Above, behind Centraal Station, on the way to IJhaven, where most of the boats were mooring.

Above, at IJhaven.

Above, boat at the Maritime Museum.

Above, IJhaven in the morning.

Above, aboard the Belem.

Above, Amsterdam Centraal from the tip of Java Eiland.

Above, last day of SAIL Amsterdam 2015.

Above, on a ferry to Amsterdam Noord.

Boat ride to Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island

After Pier 39, I boarded a boat to have a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Above, the sea lions of Pier 39.

Above, SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

Above, Alcatraz Island.

Above, Golden Gate Bridge.

Above, Palace of Fine Arts (built for the Panama–Pacific International Exposition).

Above, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Above, going around Alcatraz Island.

Above, Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower.

Above, back at Pier 39.