Walk along Canal de Lachine

The Canal de Lachine is a canal passing through the southwestern part of the Island of Montreal, running 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port of Montreal to Lake Saint-Louis. The canal was built to bypass the treacherous Lachine Rapids on the Saint-Lawrence river upstream of Montreal. After completion of the canal in 1825, its banks became a major industrial area of the city. However, the canal closed to shipping traffic in 1970, a few years after the opening of the Saint-Lawrence Seaway (in 1959), which bypasses the rapids starting in Longueuil, on the other side of the river.

The canal is lined with a nice path, suitable for walking and biking, all the way from the Old Port to Lake Saint-Louis. I followed that path on foot until the Saint-Henri neighbourhood, where I took the subway back to Downtown.

Above, derelict silos in Jardin des Ecluses, in the southern part of the Old Port.

Above, Bassins Peel.

Above, new condo developments.

Above, path along the Canal.

Above, Mount Royal in the background.


Above, skyscrapers of Downtown.

Above, tower of Atwater Market, a farmer’s market.

Above, I continued a bit past that footbridge then doubled back to cross the canal.

Above, squirrel in Parc Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier, in Saint-Henri.

Above, Église Saint-Zotique.

Above, artists painting a large mural. Like the Plateau, the area has many murals and street artworks.

Above, concrete in Place Saint-Henri subway station.


Walk along Canal Saint-Denis: From La Villette to Stade de France

Starting at la Villette in Paris, the Canal Saint-Denis connects the Canal de l’Ourcq to the Seine, crossing the towns of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis on the way.

Above, in La Villette.

Above, Canal Saint-Denis, towards Aubervilliers.

Above, the path is lined with many impressive murals.

Above, in Aubervilliers.

Above, Egypt graffiti.

Above, at this point, I left the bank of the canal and headed towards the Stade de France.

Above, Stade de France.

Above, crossing the Canal Saint-Denis on the way to the subway station.

Above, I was there a little after the end of the Euro 2016.

Walk along Canal Saint-Martin, Bassin de la Villette & Canal de l’Ourcq

The Canal de l’Ourcq, the Bassin de La Villette and the Canal Saint-Martin link the River Ourcq with the Seine (at the Port de l’Arsenal, near Bastille).

Above, Port de l’Arsenal, looking towards Place de la Bastille.

Above, column at Place de la Bastille. Starting there, the Canal Saint-Martin goes underground following the Boulevard Jules Ferry.

Above, Canal Saint-Martin near La Villette.

Above, the area is popular with street artists.

Above, lock.

Above, Jardin Villemin.

Above, migrants.

Above, La Rotonde in Place Stalingrad.

Above, Bassin de la Villette.

Above, Paris Plage of La Villette.

Above, Canal de l’Ourcq, towards Pantin.

Above, looking towards Canal Saint-Denis.

Above, in Parc de la Villette.

Above, exhibition of the statues of the samba schools of Rio.

Above, dragon slide.

Above, Géode in the Cité des Sciences.

Above, the “Argonaute” submarine. I went inside but photos were forbidden.

Above, Philharmonie de Paris.

Above, in Pantin.

Above, Grands Moulins de Pantin.

Above Pantin City Hall.

Above, Bâtiment des Douanes of Pantin in redevelopment.

Above, TV relay of Romainville. At this point, I took a Velib’ along the canal de l’Ourcq.

Above, the walls along the canal are covered with graffiti.


The Amstel is a river in the Netherlands which runs through the city of Amsterdam, which took its name from it (originally, Amstelredam).

Above, Amstel river near Amstelpark.

Above, coots.

Above, Omval distict.

Above, Berlagebrug.

Above, Intercontinal Amsterdam hotel.

Above, Koninklijk Theater Carré.

Above, Magere Brug.

Above, Magere Brug after King’s Day.

Above, Hermitage Amsterdam.

Above, Stopera.

Above, Amstel at sunrise.


Haarlem is a city in the Netherlands, not very far from Amsterdam. It has many buildings dating back to the middle-ages. I went there last fall and walked at random.

Above, Haarlem Centraal train station.

Above, Nieuwe Gracht.

Above, market at the Grote Markt, with the Grote Kerk in the background.

Above, Frederikspark.

Above, Spaarne river.

Above, Bakenesserkerk.

Above, a jail.

Above, windmill.

Above, Grote Kerk.

Above, Cathedral of Saint Bavo.

Above, waiting for the train to Amsterdam.