Chapelle Anglaise de Chamonix

The Chapelle Anglaise de Chamonix (English Chapel) is a protestant church in Chamonix (just across the street from the train station). It was originally built in 1860 for the religious needs of the English tourists and alpinists, who were numerous in that era. Next to the church is a small cemetery with tombs of English alpinists who died in the mountains. These days, the chapel belongs to the parish of Arve Mont-Blanc in the Reformed Church of France and is officially called Église protestante de Chamonix (Chamonix protestant church).

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Église Sainte-Geneviève des Bressis

The Église Sainte-Geneviève des Bressis is a catholic church located in the Cran-Gevrier neighbourhood of Annecy. It was designed in the modernist style by architect Paul Jacquet and was completed in the 1960’s.

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Église Saint-Michel de Nantua

The Église Saint-Michel (aka Abbatiale Saint-Michel) is a church in Nantua which got its start as a monastery during medieval times and was improved over the centuries. Some of the older elements remain but most of the church dates back from the early 19th century.

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Église Saint-Maurice-et-Saint-François-de-Sales (Thorens-Glières)

The Église Saint-Maurice-et-Saint-François-de-Sales is a catholic church in Thorens-Glières, near Annecy. Saint François de Sales, who was born in the Château de Sales nearby, was baptised and ordained as bishop of Geneva in that church. Most of the current building dates from the end of the 19th century.

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