Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

The Jardin des serres d’Auteuil is a botanical garden created in the 18th century and located in the Bois de Boulogne, in Paris. Its main attraction is a series of large greenhouses, built around a French-style garden. Entrance is free.

Above, coming from Square des Poètes.

Above, greenhouse.

Above, succulent greenhouse.

Above, in the cactus greenhouse.

Above, central French-style garden.

Above, palmarium greenhouse.

Above, Sahel greenhouse.

Above, in the New Caledonia greenhouse.

Above, Serre des Crotons.

Above, main gate.


Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is a large botanical garden located in central Paris. It also has a small zoo (Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes).

Above, central alley with the Grande Galerie de l’évolution of the National Museum of Natural History in the background.

Above, greenhouse.

Above, passage to the Alpine Garden.

Above, Alpine Garden (Jardin Alpin).

Above, pavillon at the top of the labyrinth.

Above, Grande Galerie de l’Evolution.

Above, line for the Museum of Natural History.

Parc de Bagatelle

The Parc de Bagatelle is located inside the Bois de Boulogne, in Paris. It was created in 1775 at the behest of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Its highlight is a rose garden featuring 10,000 rose bushes from 1,200 different species.

Above, peacock spreading its feathers.

Above, skyscrapers of La Défense.

Above, Chinese pagoda.

Above, observatory.

Above, rose garden seen from the observatory.

Above, rose garden.

Above, Mediterranean garden.

Above, waterfall.

Above, smaller rose garden.

Above, main entrance.


In mid-April, I went to the Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens, near Amsterdam. It is only open for 2 months every year (from mid-March to mid-May). It was a bit too early for tulips during my visit but the park has many other types of flowers.

Above, entrance.

Above, Oranje-Nassau pavilion.

Above, view of the flower fields near the park.

Above, sheep inside a petting zoo.

Above, windmill.

Above, view from the windmill.

Above, in the Japanese Garden.

Above, Beatrix Pavilion.

Above, on the boat going around the flower fields. I thought it was not very interesting (the boat does not go around the park, just to the flower fields nearby).

Above, posing for wedding photos.

Above, flower show inside the Willem-Alexander pavilion.

Above, inside the Beatrix pavilion.

Above, flower Van Gogh .