Hike to Crêt des Mouches

Last summer, I went on a hike to Crêt des Mouches, a mountain in the Bornes next to La Tournette.

Here is a map of the path I walked (download KML):

In the morning, I took a LIHSA bus from Annecy to Talloires. While I waited for the summer shuttle to Montmin, I walked next to the lake. Once in Montmin, I started on the path. I reached the Cabane d’Arclosan after a while. By then, the fog had covered the summits of Crêt des Mouches and La Tournette but I kept going up. Once at the summit, the view was limited but the clouds lifted a little while I was there. On the way down, I first walked a loop to get back to the Cabane then took the same trail as on the way up, until Pointe de Chauriande. There, I went down towards Chalets du Solliet then took a dirt road to Saint-Ferréol in the valley, where I waited for the LIHSA bus back to Annecy.

Above, Baie de Talloires.

Above, Semnoz.

Above, Petit Lac and Bauges.

Above, Roc de Chère.

Above, in Montmin looking towards Col de l’Aulp.

Above, on the trail.

Above, Col de la Forclaz.

Above, Pointe de la Bajulaz.

Above, Pointe de Vélan.

Above, Chapelle des Sept Fontaines.

Above, Pointe de la Sambuy.

Above, Mont Trélod and Montagne du Charbon.

Above, start of the forest trail.

Above, Faverges and Col de Tamié.

Above, Pointe d’Arcalod.

Above, Pointe de Chauriande.

Above, Dent de Cons.

Above, Col de Tamié.

Above, Aravis and Mont Charvin.

Above, Rocher d’Arclosan.

Above, Crêt des Mouches in view.

Above, Cabane d’Arclosan below the Crêt des Mouches.

Above, Bonverday.

Above, Lake Annecy and Col de la Forclaz on the other side.

Above, Pointe de la Beccaz and La Tournette in the clouds.

Above, final ascent.

Above, Pointe de Banc Fleury.

Above, at the summit of Crêt des Mouches.

Above, ridge to Pointe de la Beccaz.

Above, Bauges in the background.

Above, on the way down.

Above, Mont Charvin.

Above, at that point, the trail was no longer visible.

Above, pack of alpine ibexes running away.

Above, back on the trail.

Above, Croix d’Arclosan above the Cabane.

Above, Saint-Ferréol.

Above, back at Pointe de Chauriande.

Above, chalet at Plan du Chouet.

Above, Chalets du Solliet.

Above, dirt road to Saint-Ferréol.

Above, Faverges.

Above, watermill in Saint-Ferréol.

Above, LIHSA bus stop.


Walk along Lac du Bourget: From Bourget-du-Lac to Aix-les-Bains

Starting from the Savoie Technolac in Bourget-du-Lac, I walked on the Voie Verte along Lac du Bourget towards Aix-les-Bains. On the way, I made a detour through Base de Loisir des Mottets in Viviers-du-Lac.

Above, Marina.

Above, in Base de Loisir des Mottets.

Above, beach on Lac du Bourget.

Above, child swans.

Above, stormy Lac du Bourget.

Above, Lamartine commemoration stone at Cap des Séselets.

Above, looking towards Dent du Chat.

Above, Compagnie du Chemin de Fer Victor-Emmanuel.

Above, Château de Bonport being demolished.

Above, tour train in Aix-les-Bains.

Above, Aix-les-Bains-le-Revard train station.

Fog in Rotterdam: Nieuwe Maas, Het Park

Starting from my hotel near Oudehaven, I walked along the Nieuwe Maas river until Leuvehaven and the Maritime Museum. Then I made a detour through the Westersingel canal, on the way to Het Park, where the Euromast is located. I had planned to visit the observatory, but I decided to postpone because of the fog. Instead, I walked back to Erasmusbrug along the river.

Above, Cube Houses in Oudehaven.

Above, Wijnhaven.

Above, Nieuwe Maas river.

Above, low visibility.

Above, near Erasmusbrug.

Above, Maritime Museum in Leuvehaven.

Above, “Cascade” by Atelier van Lieshout.

Above, “Guard” by Hans van Bentem.

Above, Westersingel canal.

Above, rabbit sculptures near the Natural History Museum.

Above, in Het Park.

Above, Euromast.

Above, New Ocean Paradise, a floating hotel in Parkhaven.

Above, back at the Nieuwe Maas.

Above, tunnel ventilation shaft.

Above, Erasmusbrug and the skyscrapers of Kop van Zuid.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Veerhaven. When I arrived there, the fog had pretty much lifted.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Japanese Torii at the Wereldmuseum.

Hike to Lac des Chambres, Pointe de Bellegarde & Lac de la Vogealle (part 2)

This is the second part of the loop around Pointe Rousse des Chambres. Below are photos of the trail from the summit of Pointe de Bellegarde to Samoëns, passing through Lac de la Vogealle and Combe aux Puaires.

Above, Giffre torrent, in the Cirque du Fer à Cheval.

Above, on the way down to Col des Chambres.

Above, herd of alpine ibexes.

Above, Pointe de Bellegarde.

Above, alpine ibex in front of the Pointe Rousse des Chambres.

Above, at Col des Chambres.

Above, the correct path to Pas de l’Ours passes through the stones there.

Above, Pointe Rousse des Chambres.

Above, on the way down the Combe de la Vogeallette.

Above, Combe de la Vogeallette.

Above, Pointe de Bellegarde from below.

Above, at the bottom of the Combe, with the Pointe Rousse now completely in the clouds.

Above, looking at Col des Chambres.

Above, on the way up again, trying to get back to the trail.

Above, Lac de la Vogealle and Combe de la Vogealle.

Above, Pas de l’Ours, back on the trail.

Above, Refuge de la Vogealle.

Above, looking back at the Pas de l’Ours.

Above, on the path to Lac de la Vogealle.

Above, Lac de la Vogealle.

Above, herd of sheep (and a few goats).

Above, on the way to Combe aux Puaires.

Above, last look at the lake.

Above, at the Combe aux Puaires.

Above, back on grass.

Above, curious sheep. Usually, they are very shy but this one approached me and let itself be pet.

Above, sunlight in the valley.

Above, Refuge du Folly.

Above, near the Parking.