Hike to Montagne d’Âge

After the Vallon du Fier, I continued walking and, after a detour through a trail along the Nant de Calvi, I reached Poisy, a village northwest of Annecy. My goal was to cross the Montagne d’Âge, a small mountain that is part of the Jura mountains, from the north to the south on the way to Château de Montrottier and the Gorges du Fier in Lovagny.

Above, view of the Montagne d’Âge from the trail around Mont Rampignon, near Mont Veyrier.

Above, roses in Poisy.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz nearby.

Above, in the Marais de Poisy (Poisy swamp), on the way to Montagne d’Âge.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, start of the trail, on the north side of Montagne d’Âge.

Above, Epagny.

Above, fallen chestnuts.

Above, summit. No view though.

Above, view to the west at the Croix de Nonglard.

Above, the cross.

Above, exiting the forest.

Above, view on the Albanais.

Above, Semnoz covered by clouds. The Château de Montrottier can be seen in the foreground.


Above, La Tournette.

Above, field in Lovagny.

Above, Château de Montrottier.

Above, path to Gorges du Fier.

Above, Fier river near the Gorges.


Vallon du Fier

The Vallon du Fier is a large park and nature reserve in Annecy, located between the Fier and Viéran rivers. It has many paths suitable for walking or biking.

Below, the park in autumn.

Above, Fier river seen from the bridge to the hospital. The park is on the right.

Above, the path on the left goes to the Pont de Brogny. However, I haven’t visited that part yet.

Above, bridge from below.

Above, footbridge on the Fier.

Above, crossing the Viéran river at the exit of the park towards the Zone industrielle du Pont de Tasset.

Above, a bit further away, the jonction between the Thiou and Fier river, seen from the Pont de Tasset.

Below, in winter.

Above, Fier river.

Above, industrial zone next to the park.

Above, some ice.

Above, footbridge on the Fier.

Above, snow on the Salève in the background.

Above, angry little dog at the exit of the park towards the Parc des Sports d’Annecy.

Parcours Nature Fier et Erbe

After I reached the Passerelles neighbourhood in Cran-Gévrier and the end of the path along the Thiou river, I kept walking on the road until the start of the Parcours Nature Fier et Erbe (Fier & Erbe Nature Trail). It is a path in the forest that follows the course of the Fier river at first, then the Erbe, a brook that flows into the Fier. Here is a map.

Above, A41 highway, next to the start of the trail.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, on the trail.

Above, mountain bike trials course under the bridge.

Above, fallen leaves.

Above, there is a part next to the road.

Above, bridge on the river Erbe.

Above, power transmission tower, right after exiting the forest.

Above, the A41 highway again, on the other side of the trail.

Walk in Parc Nature du Bois-de-Liesse

The Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park is a large park in the northwestern part of the island of Montreal, near the Rivière des Prairies.  It has a number of walking trails to choose from (see the map). In winter, the trails are used for cross-country skiing (see the winter map).

Above, reception center (Maison Pitfield).

Above, Japanese-style footbridge.

Above, Sentier des Erables Noirs (Black Maple Trail).


Above, Secteur des Bois-Francs.

Above, squirrel.

Above, Sentier des Asters.

Above, under the bridge on the other side of the brook, towards Rivière des Prairies.

Above, in the Secteur de la Péninsule.

Above, transmission towers across the Rivière des Prairies.

Above, Pont Louis Bisson.

Above, Ile aux Chats (Cats Island).

Above, Maison du Ruisseau.

Above, nice autumn colors near the bus stop.

Parc de Saint-Cloud

The Parc de Saint-Cloud is a large park near Paris. It is located on the site of the Château de Saint-Cloud, a residence of royal and imperial families since the 16th century and destroyed in the 19th century. It has both a French and English-style garden, as well as a rose garden.

Above, Grand Fontaine. Unfortunately, it was not running when I visited.

Above, Bassin des Carpes.

Above, Bassin du Fer à Cheval.

Above, map of the park.

Above, French formal garden.

Above, path in the forest.

Above, Bassin des Chiens.

Above, stairs to a viewpoint and an English-style garden.

Above, Seine.

Above, rose garden.

Above, périphérique.