Coulée Verte René Dumont (Promenade Plantée)

The Coulée Verte René Dumont (formerly known as Promenade Plantée) is a 4.7 km elevated linear park built on top of a former railway in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. It links Bois de Vincennes with Bastille.

The start of the Coulée Verte is near the Périphérique. However, I started from Square Charles Péguy: I wanted to check out the community garden built near the Petite Ceinture railway, which can only be accessed from the Square. I then walked all the way to Bastille.

Above, entrance of Square Charles Péguy on rue Rottembourg.

Above, towards the community garden next to the Petite Ceinture.

Above, end of the path.

Above, train tracks of the Petite Ceinture.

Above, leaves turning yellow.

Above, back at Square Charles Péguy.

Above, on the Coulée Verte.

Above, bridge in the Jardin de Reuilly – Paul Pernin.

Above, sunbathing.

Above, sundial.

Above, rue Montgallet.

Above, avenue Daumesnil.

Above, at the end of the path near Bastille.

Above, on rue de Lyon near Opéra Bastille.

Above, column at Place de la Bastille. It is currently undergoing maintenance to prepare for the opening of the underground crypt to the public.



In mid-April, I went to the Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens, near Amsterdam. It is only open for 2 months every year (from mid-March to mid-May). It was a bit too early for tulips during my visit but the park has many other types of flowers.

Above, entrance.

Above, Oranje-Nassau pavilion.

Above, view of the flower fields near the park.

Above, sheep inside a petting zoo.

Above, windmill.

Above, view from the windmill.

Above, in the Japanese Garden.

Above, Beatrix Pavilion.

Above, on the boat going around the flower fields. I thought it was not very interesting (the boat does not go around the park, just to the flower fields nearby).

Above, posing for wedding photos.

Above, flower show inside the Willem-Alexander pavilion.

Above, inside the Beatrix pavilion.

Above, flower Van Gogh .

Hike to Mount Takahata & Mount Kuratake

In May, I went on a hike to Mount Takahata (高畑山) and Mount Kuratake (倉岳山), in Yamanashi prefecture. I started at Torisawa station (鳥沢駅) in Otsuki, on the Chuo Main Line. The 2 mountains are on the other side of the valley from Mount Ougi and Mount Momokura. In better weather, the summits would have offered a great view on Mount Fuji. I still got a glimpse though. After Mount Kuratake, I followed the ridge until I reached Mount Daimaru (大丸). I then followed the trail down the mountain until Shiotsu station (四方津駅), in Uenohara. When I came in the morning, I was intrigued by a large tunnel-like inclined structure next to that station: It turns out is is called the Commore Bridge and is a 200m elevator/escalator combination leading to an area called Commore Shiotsu. I went up there while waiting for the train back to Tokyo.

This page can serve as a reference to reach the trailhead (at the end, it goes a bit further after Mount Daimaru than what I did).

Above, Torisawa station in the morning.

Above, the tunnel to cross the tracks.

Above, on the other side of the rail tracks.

Above, the start of the trail. It looks closed but the door on the right is actually open.

Above, view of Mount Ogi on the other side of the valley.

Above, summit of Mount Takahata.

Above, Mount Fuji with a few clouds.

Above, summit of Mount Kuratake.

Above, Mount Momokura.

Above, Mount Ougi.

Above, Mount Takatsukayama (高柄山).

Above, Commore Bridge at Shiotsu.

Above, inside the Commore Bridge. The escalator is only open during rush hours so I took the elevator.

Hike to Mount Oyama, Mount Sannoto & Mount Tonodake in the Tanzawa Mountains (part 2): From Yabitsu Pass to Okura

Continuing the spring hike to the Tanzawa Mountains.

Above, start of the trail to Mount San-no-to.

Above, Mount Oyama from the summit of Mount Sannoto.

Above, view of Mount To in the distance, from the summit of Mount Sannoto.

Above, on the way to Mount Tonodake.

Above, view of Mount Sannoto.

Above, summit of Mount To.

Above, hazy Mount Fuji.

Above, on the way to Okura bus terminal.

Above, Mount Sannoto and Mount Oyama.

Above, Okura bus station.