Hike to Montagne d’Âge

After the Vallon du Fier, I continued walking and, after a detour through a trail along the Nant de Calvi, I reached Poisy, a village northwest of Annecy. My goal was to cross the Montagne d’Âge, a small mountain that is part of the Jura mountains, from the north to the south on the way to Château de Montrottier and the Gorges du Fier in Lovagny.

Above, view of the Montagne d’Âge from the trail around Mont Rampignon, near Mont Veyrier.

Above, roses in Poisy.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz nearby.

Above, in the Marais de Poisy (Poisy swamp), on the way to Montagne d’Âge.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, start of the trail, on the north side of Montagne d’Âge.

Above, Epagny.

Above, fallen chestnuts.

Above, summit. No view though.

Above, view to the west at the Croix de Nonglard.

Above, the cross.

Above, exiting the forest.

Above, view on the Albanais.

Above, Semnoz covered by clouds. The Château de Montrottier can be seen in the foreground.


Above, La Tournette.

Above, field in Lovagny.

Above, Château de Montrottier.

Above, path to Gorges du Fier.

Above, Fier river near the Gorges.


Hike to Baraque des Rognes & Nid d’Aigle (Mont Blanc)

Last summer, I went on a hike near Chamonix to the Baraque Forestière des Rognes, a tiny emergency hut located between the much bigger Refuge de Tête Rousse, where most mountaineers stop on their way to the summit of Mont Blanc, and Nid d’Aigle, a hut at the terminus of Tramway du Mont Blanc. I followed this trail direction (except I started and ended at the Bellevue cable car station): Sentier des Rognes on the way up and a path along Glacier de Bionnassay on the way down.

In the morning, I went by train from Annecy to Les Houches, in the Chamonix Valley, switching at Saint-Gervais-les-Bains. My goal was to reach the Bellevue station to get a head start on the ascent. Usually, I could have boarded the Tramway du Mont Blanc at Saint-Gervais station but, at the time I went on this hike, the track was closed for repair. Instead, I used the Bellevue cable car, but it was a ~30min walk from Les Houches train station. Once at Bellevue, I started on the trail that goes around Mont Lachat on the north side until Col du Mont Lachat. Then I started on the Sentier des Rognes (Trail of Les Rognes): The trail was steep but regular, right until the final part before reaching Col des Rognes, which was pretty hard, but equipped with ladders and chains. I crossed path with many people, since the trail is a popular way to get to and from the summit of Mont Blanc, all the more so since the Tramway was closed. Once at Col des Rognes (2685m), I saw my first alpine ibex (bouquetin) of the day. I reached the Cabane des Rognes a few minutes later: There was a great view on the Désert de Pierre Ronde, the Dôme du Goûter and the Aiguille de Bionnassay from it. Soon after, I started on my way down towards Nid d’Aigle. There were many alpine ibexes despite the place being mostly stones. Once at the hut, I took a trail along the Glacier de Bionnassay for a while then went up again to reach the Bellevue cable car station, just in time for the last cable car.

Above, train in the morning at Saint-Gervais-les-Bains.

Above, Les Houches train station.

Above, Arve river.

Above, cable car station in Bellevue.

Above, church in Les Houches.

Above, cable car station.

Above, at Bellevue.

Above, Bellevue station on the Tramway du Mont Blanc.

Above, on the trail around Mont Lachat.

Above, Rochers des Fiz.

Above, Chamonix valley.

Above, Réserve Naturelle de Carlaveryon.

Above, Arête des Rognes, where the trail leads me.

Above, view from Col du Mont Lachat.

Above, on the Sentier des Rognes, looking back at Mont Lachat.

Above, Tramway track to Nid d’Aigle.

Above, Mont Vorassay.

Above, Massif des Aiguilles Rouges.

Above, mountaineers going down.

Above, Dôme du Goûter.

Above, to the Col des Rognes.

Above, Aiguille Verte.

Above, chain on the path.

Above, almost at Col des Rognes.

Above, Aiguille du Midi.

Above, alpine ibex.

Above, Cabane des Rognes from the Col.

Above, Dôme du Goûter.

Above, Aiguille de Bionnassay.

Above, path to Refuge de Tête Rousse.

Above, Désert de Pierre Ronde.

Above, on the way down.

Above, Refuge du Goûter.

Above, Nid d’Aigle in view.

Above, Glacier de Bionnassay.

Above, Nid d’Aigle from below.

Above, lake formed by water from the Glacier.

Above, back at Bellevue cable car station.

Above, Rochers des Fiz.

Above, Dôme du Goûter seen from Les Houches.

Above, waiting for the train back to Annecy.

Hike to La Bastille, Mont Jalla & Mont Rachais in Grenoble

Last summer, I went on a hike in the Chartreuse mountains next to Grenoble: I visited La Bastille, Mont Jalla and Mont Rachais. I followed this path.

I arrived in Grenoble by train from Annecy in the morning and made my way to Jardin des Dauphins, not very far from the train station. Using the stairs, I then climbed to La Bastille, a fortress built in the 19th century to protect Grenoble and the border with Savoie. There was a great view from there. I then continued towards the summit of Mont Jalla and the Mémorial national des troupes de montagne (National Memorial for Chasseurs Alpins soldiers). My goal for the day was to reach the summit of Mont Rachais. There was a good view from there, especially on Mont Saint-Eynard and the Isère Valley. I ate lunch then went down to La Bastille using the same path. Finally, I took the cable car bubbles to Grenoble to get back to the city.

Above, La Bastille, Mont Jalla and Mont Rachais seen from Cours Jean-Jaurès in the city.

Above, Isère river, with a view on La Bastille and Mont Jalla.

Above, on the way to La Bastille.

Above, Cours Jean-Jaurès.

Above, the round cable car bubbles.

Above, cable car station at La Bastille.

Above, Isère and Le Néron.

Above, Old Town.

Above, Mont Rachais.

Above, viewing platform at La Bastille.

Above, in the Grotte de Mandrin, an artificial cave built as part of the Bastille fortification.

Above, on the way to Mont Jalla.

Above, Mémorial National des Troupes de Montagnes at Mont Jalla.

Above, La Bastille.

Above, Mont Saint-Eynard.

Above, Mont Rachais.

Above, lizard.

Above, view from the summit of Mont Rachais.

Above, Chamechaude.

Above, on the way down.

Above, Isère river.

Above, La Tronche cemetery.

Above, back at La Bastille.

Above, Schuss, the first Olympic mascot, designed for the 1968 Grenoble winter Olympics.

Above, aboard the bubble, on the way to the city.

Above, at the cable car station in Grenoble.

Hike to Pointe de la Sambuy

I spent last summer (and more) in Annecy, in Haute-Savoie. I went back on a hike to Pointe de la Sambuy, in the Bauges mountains near Faverges (south of Annecy). This time, I took the standard trail to the summit.

I went by bike to the Camping La Ravoire, in the southern part of Lake Annecy. There I took a summer shuttle to the ski resort of La Sambuy. The shuttle had a trailer to carry bikes so I took mine with me. At the resort, I took the ski lift to the top of the slopes and the start of the trail. I climbed to the summit: It was not that hard except towards the end where the path was steep and narrow. At the top, there was a great view on all the Bauges. Then I went back using the same path. After getting back to the resort, I went down with my bike towards Faverges.

Above, on the ski lift.

Above, view of Lake Annecy from the ski lift station.

Above, starting on the path.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, summit of Pointe de la Sambuy.

Above, Pointe d’Arcalod, the highest peak of the Bauges, and Mont Trélod.

Above, Petite Sambuy.

Above, Pointe de Chaurionde.

Above, Pointe de Vélan.

Above, Lac d’Annecy and La Tournette.

Above, paraglider preparing.

Above, view of La Grande Sambuy from La Petite Sambuy.

Above, on the path to La Grande Sambuy.

Above, at the summit.

Above, view of Pointe de la Chaurionde from the summit.

Above Mont Trélod.

Above, Pointe d’Arcalod.

Above, Montagne du Charbon.

Above, Lac d’Annecy.

Above, Mont Blanc.

Above, Mont de la Coche.

Above, Aravis.

Above, on the way down.

Above, on the road to Faverges.

Above, Dent de Cons.

Above, looking back at La Sambuy from Seythenex.

Walk in Parc Nature du Bois-de-Liesse

The Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park is a large park in the northwestern part of the island of Montreal, near the Rivière des Prairies.  It has a number of walking trails to choose from (see the map). In winter, the trails are used for cross-country skiing (see the winter map).

Above, reception center (Maison Pitfield).

Above, Japanese-style footbridge.

Above, Sentier des Erables Noirs (Black Maple Trail).


Above, Secteur des Bois-Francs.

Above, squirrel.

Above, Sentier des Asters.

Above, under the bridge on the other side of the brook, towards Rivière des Prairies.

Above, in the Secteur de la Péninsule.

Above, transmission towers across the Rivière des Prairies.

Above, Pont Louis Bisson.

Above, Ile aux Chats (Cats Island).

Above, Maison du Ruisseau.

Above, nice autumn colors near the bus stop.