Sunshine 60 Observatory

Sunshine City is a commercial complex in the Ikebukuro area: It features a variety of facilities including an office building, an aquarium, a shopping center and the Sunshine 60 Observatory. At 250m, the latter offers the highest point of view in the neighbourhood and a great view on Tokyo.

Above, garbage processing plant in Ikebukuro.

Above, Ikebukuro station.

Above, Tokyo Skytree.

Above, Koishikawa Botanical Garden.

Above, sun setting next to Mount Fuji.


Tokyo walk: Ikebukuro to Gokoku-ji Temple

After eating ramen, I was walking at random and taking pictures in Ikebukuro. Next thing I knew, I was on a pilgrimage through the temples in the area, ending at Gokoku-ji in Bunkyo.

Above, the owl (fukuro in Japanese) is the totem animal of Ikebukuro and Toshima City.

Above, another set of owls…

Above, Shinjoin Temple.

Above, Homyoji Temple.

Above, Kishimojin Temple.

Above, Otori Shrine.

Above, Ebisu, the god of fishermen and luck and one of the 7 Lucky Gods.

Above, stray cat at the shrine.

Above, Toden Arakawa streetcar.

Above, Seiryuin Temple.

Above, Inari shrine in Bunkyo.

Above, cemetery at Gokoku-ji Temple.

Above, gate of Gokoku-ji Temple.