Walk along Rivière des Prairies (part 1) in Montreal: Parc de la Merci, Parc des Bateliers, Ile Perry

On my last day in Montreal, I went for a walk near Rivière des Prairies, on the northwestern part of the island of Montreal. There, I walked in Parc de la Merci, Parc des Bateliers and Ile Perry, a small island in the river. I then crossed the Rivière des Prairies to Laval.

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Parc Jean Drapeau

Parc Jean Drapeau is a large park in Montreal located on Ile Saint-Hélène and Ile Notre-Dame, in the Saint-Lawrence river. It is named after Jean Drapeau, who served as mayor of Montreal for many years. The islands were the site of Expo 67 and the best-known and most visible feature of the park, the Montreal Biosphere, is a remnant of that event: It was the pavilion of the United States during the Expo.

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Walk from Cité du Havre to Ile Notre-Dame

Starting from the Bassins Peel, I walked in the Cité du Havre neighbourhood, passing by the brutalist Habitat 67, until I reached the Parc de la Cité du Havre (recently renamed Parc de Dieppe), at the tip of the peninsula. There was a great view on the Old Port, Pont Jacques Cartier and Parc Jean Drapeau from the park. I then crossed the Saint-Lawrence river on Pont de la Concorde until Ile Notre-Dame. At that point, it was getting dark so I walked to Ile Saint-Hélène and Parc Jean Drapeau to take the subway back to the city. I stopped at the Biosphère on the way.

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Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome is located on a corner of Yumenoshima Park, in Koto Ward, Tokyo, and features a giant domed greenhouse. This dome holds about 1,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, with colorful fruits and flowers throughout the year. It is heated using waste heat from trash burning at the nearby incineration plant. Boats floating at a yacht harbor can also be seen from the north side of the dome.


Ariake is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, near Toyosu and Odaiba. It hosts the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, museums, sporting arenas and hotels.

Above, on the bridge from Toyosu.

Above, marching band festival at the Ariake Coliseum.

Above, Ariake Coliseum.

Above, Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel.

Above, Panasonic showroom.

Above, Tokyo Big Sight.

Above, red ball meeting point inside Tokyo Big Sight.

Above, Waterbus station near Tokyo Big Sight.

Above, Anniversaire Ariake Wedding Hall.

Above, the Tokyo Water Science Museum.

Above, inside the Tokyo Water Science Museum.

Above, Dream Bridge (Yume-no-Ohashi) linking Ariake to Odaiba.

Above, cosplayers near the Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside.

Above, on the Dream Bridge.

Above, Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside.

Above, view of Ariake from Odaiba.


Toyosu is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, not far from Odaiba. It is home to LaLaPort, a large shopping mall, and the Gas Science Center, as well as modern office and condo towers.

Above, the Toyosu Center Building.

Above, the Anniversaire Toyosu wedding hall.

Above, the IHI Building (left) and the Toyosu Cubic Garden (right).

Above, the Space Ball inside the IHI Building.

Above, the Toyosu Campus of the Shibaura Institute of Technology.

Above, Unisys building.

Above, crane at the Mitsui Shopping Park Urban Dock LaLaport TOYOSU (aka LaLaPort Toyosu). It is a shopping mall built on the remains of a ship building site.

Above, the Tokyo Gas Science Center, a free museum for kids where they can learn about all things gas-related. The building has a green roof with a view on Toyosu, Harumi Island and Tokyo Bay.

The houses on the photo above are actually model homes. They are decorated in most kawaii fashion.

Above, the Wild Magic Urban Outdoor Park.

Above, view of Toyosu from the bridge to Harumi Island.

Above, the massive @Tokyo data center.

Above, waterskiing in a canal between Toyosu and Ariake.

Izu Oshima

Oshima is the largest of the Izu islands, a group of volcanic island administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan government and lying about 100 km south of Tokyo. Like the other islands, it is accessible (among other options) by a high-speed jet ferry that uses the hydrofoil technique: It makes it possible to get there from Tokyo in a mere 1h45. Oshima offers various interesting activities: Among the most popular are the beaches (made of black sand), the onsens and the volcano (Mount Mihara). There are also a zoo, a large camellia garden and a squirrel park.

I went there on a day trip yesterday. I had great weather and it was really nice.

Above, the jet ferries moored in Takeshiba Pier.

Above, the Tower of Wind, which supplies air to the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line tunnel. The artificial island of Umi-Hotaru can be seen in the background.

Above, Okata Port in Oshima.

Above, Hinode-hama beach in Okata.

Above, near the trail to Mount Mihara.

Above, Mount Mihara. At 764m, it is the highest point on Oshima. It is still an active volcano, with the last major eruption taking place in 1986. There are multiple trails leading to the summit, the easiest of which is the “Mountaintop Walking Trail”, a paved road leading to the rim of the crater.

Above, Mihara Shrine.

Above, view from the rim of the crater. On a clear day, it is possible to see Mount Fuji.

Above,  the “Mount Mihara Rim Walk”, which circles the crater.

Above, monitoring station.

Above, view of Toshima Island, another island in the Izu Island archipelago.

Above, volcanic fumes.

There are alternative trails to the crater. I took one of those, called the “Texas Trail”. It links Mount Mihara to the Tokyo Municipal Oshima Park.

Above, crickets.

After a while, the desert-like landscape gave way to a forest.

Above, the Tokyo Municipal Oshima Park is at the other end of the Texas Trail. It houses the Oshima Zoo and the Camellia Garden.

After that, I took the bus to Motomachi, the main town on Oshima. Above, Motomachi Port.

Above, Kobo-hama beach in Motomachi.

Above, Yuno-hama beach in Motomachi.

Above, waiting for the jet ferry back to Tokyo in Okata Port.

Above, Okata.

Above, view of Yokohama from the ferry.

Above, sunset on the Port of Tokyo.