Tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir

The Tomb of Jahangir is a mausoleum built for Jahangir, who ruled the Mughal Empire from 1605 to 1627. The mausoleum is located in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Pakistan, not far from the mausoleum of Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan. The site also contains a mausoleum for Nur Jahan’s brother, Asif Khan, but my camera ran out of battery before I visited that part.

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Tomb of Nur Jahan

The Tomb of Nur Jahan is a red sandstone mausoleum in Shahdara Bagh, a suburb of Lahore, Pakistan located north of the Ravi river. It was constructed for the Mughal empress Nur Jahan as her final resting place. It is very close to the tomb of her husband Mughal Emperor Jahangir and the tomb of her brother, Asif Khan. Nowadays, the two parts are separated by a railway.

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Walk on The Mall, Lahore

The Mall in Lahore, Pakistan is Lahore’s primary and most famous road. It was constructed under the British Raj and was nostalgically named after The Mall in London. The Mall holds significant historical and cultural value, as most of the buildings lining the road are a collection of Mughal and colonial-era architecture, the majority of them built during the Raj era.

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Jinnah Garden

Jinnah Garden (Bagh-e-Jinnah in Urdu) is a well-maintained park in Lahore, Pakistan, located on Mall Road next to the Lahore Zoo. It is named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The park has many kinds of plants, walking trails and lawns where to rest. It also houses a number of sports and entertainment facilities, as well as the Quaid-e-Azam Library.

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Shalimar Gardens

The Shalimar Gardens (sometimes written as Shalamar Gardens) are a Mughal garden complex located in Lahore, Pakistan. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan (of Taj Mahal fame) in the mid-17th century. The gardens have been laid out from south to north in three levels of terraces. In the terraces, there are basins with 410 fountains in total. Unfortunately, none of them were working while I was there.

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