Miso Ramen at Yatta ! Ramen in Seynod (Annecy)

Chashu ramen.

Above, thick chashu.



Spicy Miso Ramen at Ichifuku Ramen in Montreal

“Volcano” spicy miso ramen, with additional soft boiled egg. Very spicy.

Above, karaage.

Above, I also had the gyoza.

Above, the restaurant has a ramen making machine in the shop.


Shoyu Ramen / Miso Ramen at Sakura Ramen in Paris

Shoyu Ramen.

Above, I also had the chahan (half portion).

Above, Miso Ramen. The restaurant is very close to my work so I went back. This time, I tried the Miso ramen. The Shoyu was not great but on par with what you get at Parisians’ favorites like Kintaro or Higuma. The Miso was really awful though.

Above, I also had the gyoza.