Jardin des Colonnes

The Jardin des Colonnes is a park in Paris, located on Place de Séoul, near Montparnasse and the Eglise Notre-Dame du Travail. Its name comes from the surrounding housing development, designed by brutalist architect Ricardo Bofill, of Espaces d’Abraxas fame.

Above, the Columns.


Jardin Atlantique

The Jardin Atlantique is a public park located on the roof of the Gare Montparnasse railway station.

Above, stairs from the leftmost tracks of the Montparnasse station.

Above, Musée Jean Moulin.

Above, the park is surrounded by offices and housing.

Above, Tour Montparnasse.

Above, playground.

Above, in autumn.

Above, entrance on Boulevard Pasteur.

Above, community garden.


Above, in spring.

Above, Jardin Atlantique seen from the observatory of Tour Montparnasse.

Eglise Notre-Dame du Travail

Eglise Notre-Dame du Travail is a catholic church located near Montparnasse, in Paris. It was built in 1902 for the numerous construction workers (travailleurs) in the area. It is architected around a bare metal frame reminiscent of a factory.

Above, fresco representing Saint-Jospeh, patron saint of carpenters and wood workers.

Above, metal frame.

Above, nativity scene for Christmas.

Above, pieta.

Musée Bourdelle

The Musée Bourdelle is an art museum located in Montparnasse, Paris. It preserves the studio of sculptor Antoine Bourdelle and also contains more than 500 of his works including marble, plaster, and bronze statues, paintings, pastels, fresco sketches, and Bourdelle’s personal collection of works from other artists. Admission to the permanent collections is free, but there is a charge for temporary exhibits.

Above, “Hercules the Archer”.

Above, in the main courtyard.


Above, Tour Montparnasse nearby.