Donjon des Seigneurs de Faverges

The Donjon des Seigneurs de Faverges (Keep of the Lords of Faverges) is a tower built in the 13th century and located inside the castle of Faverges. It is open to individuals during summer and offers a great view on the surrounding area.

I went there coming down the Pointe de la Sambuy, on the way back to Annecy.

Above, the observatory at the top of the keep.

Above, view from the top, looking towards La Tournette, hidden by Pointe de Chauriande and Crêt des Mouches.

Above, looking towards the Aravis range.

Above, castle.

Above, Pointe de la Sambuy.

Above, looking towards Col de Tamié.

Above, looking towards Lake Annecy.

Above, Mont Charvin.

Above, road to Col de Tamié.


Terrasse Panoramique du Printemps Hausmann

Le Printemps is a French chain of upmarket department stores, similar to Les Galeries Lafayette. Just like Les Galeries, its flagship store is on Boulevard Hausmann, near Opéra Garnier. The 9th floor of the building has a panoramic rooftop terrace with a good view of Paris.

Above, view to the south, with Tour Montparnasse, Eglise de la Madeleine and the Eiffel Tower.

Above, Le Printemps from below. The terrace is at the top of that building.

Above, Opéra Garnier.

Above, Tour Montparnasse.

Above, the terrace has a restaurant.

Above, towards La Madeleine.

Above, looking north towards Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre.

Above, dome of Eglise Saint-Augustin, with the skyscrapers of La Défense behind it.

Above, rue de Caumartin below.

Above, other Printemps building.

Above, inside the shop, on the way out.


Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam built in 1960. Its main observation platform is at 96m, while the Space Tower, a mobile capsule that takes visitors up and down the antenna, goes up to 185m. It offers a great view of the city.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Het Park.

Above, the hotel New Ocean Paradise.

Above, looking towards the harbour.

Above, Space Tower coming down.

Above, barge going through a lock.

Above, The Hague in the distance.

Above, Kop van Zuid area.

Above, SS Rotterdam.

Above, preparing to board the Space Tower.

Above, looking towards the train station.

Above, port of Rotterdam from the Space Tower.

Rooftop of Grande Arche de la Défense

La Grande Arche de la Défense is an office building in the business district of La Défense, west of Paris. After being closed for a few years, its rooftop was reopened to the public in 2017. It offers a good view of La Défense and the surrounding area.

Above, the Grand Arche from the ground.

Above, elevator shafts.

Above, entrance hall after getting out of the elevator.

Above, view of the skyscrapers of La Défense.

Above, Eiffel Tower.

Above, looking towards Arc de Triomphe.

Above, the glass panels are not directly at the edge of the platform.

Above, Parvis de la Défense.

Above, boardwalk to the other side of the Arche.

Above, Nanterre and the U Arena under construction.

Above, towers of bank Société Générale.

Above, the view is not quite 360˚.

Above, Areva tower.

Above, Bois de Boulogne.

Above, on the elevator on the way down.

Above, ticket booth.

Dome of Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre

The Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre is one of the best-known landmarks of Paris: Located at the top of Butte Montmartre, the white church is visible from the whole city and, at 200m, its dome is one of the highest points of Paris. It houses an observatory accessible only by stairs but the view at the top is worth the effort.

Above, skyscrapers of La Défense and Palais de Justice under construction.

Above, crowd in Montmartre.

Above, Eglise Saint-Pierre de Montmartre.

Above, Eiffel Tower.

Above, bell tower. The bell itself was forged by Paccard in Annecy-le-Vieux.

Above, the observatory is quite narrow.

Above, Gare du Nord.

Above, Halle Saint-Pierre.

Above, Eglise Saint-Vincent de Paul.

Above, Square Louise Michel.

Above, Tour Montparnasse and Dome of Les Invalides.

Above, TV relay tower of Romainville.

Above, on the way down.

Above, the Basilica from the ground.