Rotterdam walk: Along the Nieuwe Maas from Oudehaven to Kop van Zuid

Starting from the Cube Houses in Oudehaven, I first crossed the Nieuwe Maas on the way to Noordereiland, using the Willemsbrug bridge. I then continued to Wilhleminaplein and, after a detour through Rijnhaven, reached the Hotel New York and the tip of Kop van Zuid. Finally, I crossed the river again on the Erasmusbrug.

Above, Oudehaven.

Above, Nieuwe Maas.

Above, Willemsbrug.

Above, in Ons Park in Noordereiland.

Above, De Hef, under repair when I visited.

Above, in Entrepothaven.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, view of the bridge from Whilelminaplein.

Above, the skyscrapers of Kop van Zuid from Rijnhaven.

Above, Drijvend Paviljoen (Floating Pavillion).

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Cruise Terminal in Kop van Zuid.

Above, Netherlands Photography Museum.

Above, Hotel New York.

Above, large cruise boat.

Above, Veerhaven.

Above, Euromast and Het Park.

Above, Rijnhaven.

Above, on the Erasmusbrug.

Above, Willemsbrug.

Above, towards Leuvehaven.


Fog in Rotterdam: Nieuwe Maas, Het Park

Starting from my hotel near Oudehaven, I walked along the Nieuwe Maas river until Leuvehaven and the Maritime Museum. Then I made a detour through the Westersingel canal, on the way to Het Park, where the Euromast is located. I had planned to visit the observatory, but I decided to postpone because of the fog. Instead, I walked back to Erasmusbrug along the river.

Above, Cube Houses in Oudehaven.

Above, Wijnhaven.

Above, Nieuwe Maas river.

Above, low visibility.

Above, near Erasmusbrug.

Above, Maritime Museum in Leuvehaven.

Above, “Cascade” by Atelier van Lieshout.

Above, “Guard” by Hans van Bentem.

Above, Westersingel canal.

Above, rabbit sculptures near the Natural History Museum.

Above, in Het Park.

Above, Euromast.

Above, New Ocean Paradise, a floating hotel in Parkhaven.

Above, back at the Nieuwe Maas.

Above, tunnel ventilation shaft.

Above, Erasmusbrug and the skyscrapers of Kop van Zuid.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Veerhaven. When I arrived there, the fog had pretty much lifted.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Japanese Torii at the Wereldmuseum.


Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam built in 1960. Its main observation platform is at 96m, while the Space Tower, a mobile capsule that takes visitors up and down the antenna, goes up to 185m. It offers a great view of the city.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Het Park.

Above, the hotel New Ocean Paradise.

Above, looking towards the harbour.

Above, Space Tower coming down.

Above, barge going through a lock.

Above, The Hague in the distance.

Above, Kop van Zuid area.

Above, SS Rotterdam.

Above, preparing to board the Space Tower.

Above, looking towards the train station.

Above, port of Rotterdam from the Space Tower.

Spido Rotterdam Harbour Tour

Spido Rotterdam Harbour Tour is a boat tour in Rotterdam: It starts near the Erasmusbrug in the center of the city and goes along the Nieuwe Maas river all the way to the port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest in the world. It is possible to see the shipyards, docks and the transshipping of containers. The tour lasts 75 minutes.

Above, the tour boat.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, a quick passage to the other side of the Eramsusbrug in order to make a turn.

Above, tunnel air shaft.

Above, Euromast. It has an observatory with a great view on the city.

Above, quarantine.

Above, containers.


Above, oil extraction platform.

Above, pipe laying ship.

Above, Erasmusbrug in the distance.

Above, SS Rotterdam cruise ship.

Above, Hotel New York.

Above, a cruise ship moored at the cruise terminal.

Above, back at the bridge.

Old Port of Québec City: Promenade de la Pointe à Carcy, Bassin Louise

After visiting the lower town of Old Québec, I went on a short walk along the Saint-Lawrence River, in the Old Port (Vieux Port) towards Pointe à Carcy. It started to rain quite hard so I returned to the upper town along Bassin Louise.

Above, Château Frontenac.

Above, ferry from Lévis, on the other side of the Saint-Lawrence.

Above, Citadelle in the background.

Above, looking towards the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence.

Above, Place des Canotiers.

Above, passenger ferry terminal.

Above, old customs house of the Port of Québec.

Above, seats of Agora du Vieux Port.

Above, Monument à la mémoire des marins de la marine marchande canadienne de la province de Québec perdus en mer durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Above, rain is coming.

Above, in Pointe à Carcy.

Above, lock between Bassin Louise and the Saint-Lawrence.

Above, Bassin Louise and silos.

Above, the upper town of Old Québec.