Waseda University

Together with Todai, Waseda University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Its main campus is in Shinjuku, with 2 other sites in the area (Nishi-Waseda campus and Toyama campus).

Below, the main campus.

Above, people painting the building.

Above, Okuma Auditorium.

Above, strange building right next to the campus: Its name is “El Dorado Waseda”. It was designed by Von Jour Caux, the Japanese Gaudi.

Below, Toyama campus.

Below, Nishi-Waseda Campus, near the Okubo area of Toyama Park.


Toyama Park

Toyama Park is located in Shinjuku. Its best known feature is Mount Hakone: At 44.6m, it is the highest mountain inside the Yamanote Line. It also has lots of flowers and a few sport grounds.

Above, hydrangea in late may.

Above, goats… They were eating anything green in sight.

Above, path to Mount Hakone in spring.

Above, in winter.

Above, tiger statue in the Okubo area of the park.

Hanazono Shrine Festival

Hanazono Jinja (花園神社) is a shinto shrine in Shinjuku, right next to Kabukicho. It holds its annual festival in May. As usual in Japanese festivals, there are many food and game stalls on the grounds of the shrine, while the mikoshi are paraded around the neighbourhood.

Above, banana-choco.

Above, mikoshi at rest.

Above, someone dressed as a tengu.

Above, pulling the chariot with the musicians.

Above, festival pig.

Above, parading on Yasukuni Dori.