Data Darbar Shrine

Data Darbar Shrine is a Muslim shrine located in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, near the Walled City. It houses the remains of a Sufi saint known as Daata Ganj Baksh. He is said to have lived on the site in the 11th century.

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Hydrangea & cats at Hakusan Shrine

Hakusan Jinja (白山神社) is a shinto shrine in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It is especially popular in early June when it holds its annual Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival (文京あじさいまつり). I was too early for the best viewing but there were still a few flowers (and a lot of cats) when I visited.

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Gojoten Shrine Festival

Gojoten Jinja (五条天神社) is a shinto shrine located inside Ueno Park. It holds its annual festival in May. In 2014, it was at the same time as the Yushima Tenmangu shrine festival: I was walking away from that festival when I saw another mikoshi parade just across Chuo Dori.

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