Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam built in 1960. Its main observation platform is at 96m, while the Space Tower, a mobile capsule that takes visitors up and down the antenna, goes up to 185m. It offers a great view of the city.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Het Park.

Above, the hotel New Ocean Paradise.

Above, looking towards the harbour.

Above, Space Tower coming down.

Above, barge going through a lock.

Above, The Hague in the distance.

Above, Kop van Zuid area.

Above, SS Rotterdam.

Above, preparing to board the Space Tower.

Above, looking towards the train station.

Above, port of Rotterdam from the Space Tower.


Rooftop of Grande Arche de la Défense

La Grande Arche de la Défense is an office building in the business district of La Défense, west of Paris. After being closed for a few years, its rooftop was reopened to the public in 2017. It offers a good view of La Défense and the surrounding area.

Above, the Grand Arche from the ground.

Above, elevator shafts.

Above, entrance hall after getting out of the elevator.

Above, view of the skyscrapers of La Défense.

Above, Eiffel Tower.

Above, looking towards Arc de Triomphe.

Above, the glass panels are not directly at the edge of the platform.

Above, Parvis de la Défense.

Above, boardwalk to the other side of the Arche.

Above, Nanterre and the U Arena under construction.

Above, towers of bank Société Générale.

Above, the view is not quite 360˚.

Above, Areva tower.

Above, Bois de Boulogne.

Above, on the elevator on the way down.

Above, ticket booth.

Skyscrapers of Les Olympiades (Paris 13)

Les Olympiades is a district of residential towers located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Built from 1969 to 1974, the district consists of a dozen towers built along a large esplanade. A shopping mall, the Pagode, stands at the centre of the esplanade.

Above, looking back at Centre Pierre-Mendès-France (part of Panthéon-Sorbonne university).

Above, the esplanade.

Above, offices of AREP Group, south of Les Olympiades.

Above, more skyscrapers on Boulevard Masséna.

Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is the central business district of Montreal and houses the large majority of the city’s skyscrapers.

Above, view of Downtown Montreal and Rue Sainte-Catherine from my room at Hôtel des Gouverneurs.

Above, view of Downtown Montreal from the Chalet of Mount Royal.

Above, Guy Concordia University.

Above, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Above, Centre Bell, home of the legendary Canadiens hockey team.

Above, dome of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral.

Above, Place du Canada.

Above, Place Ville-Marie.

Above, CIBC Tower.

Above, underground shopping mall.

Above, looking towards Mount Royal from Place Ville-Marie.

Above, McGill University.

Above, Saint-Patrick’s Basilica.

Above, Phillips Square.

Above, Victoria Square.

Above, inside the Palais des Congrès.

Above, Chinatown.

Above, Complexe Desjardins.

Above, Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal.

Above, UQAM.

Above, Parterre du Quartier des spectacles.

Above, Place des Arts.

Above, Downtown Montreal at night from the Chalet of Mount Royal.

Frankfurt: Old Town, Main River

After my meeting, I had a bit of time left in Frankfurt before taking the train back to Amsterdam. I walked to the Römerberg in the Old Town then looped back to the banking district along the Main River.

Above, Main Tower in the banking district.

Above, Saint Paul’s Church.

Above, Römerberg.

Above, Frankfurt Cathedral (Kaiserdome).

Above, bridge on the Main River.

Above, love locks.

Above, Main River, looking towards the seat of the ECB.

Above, looking towards the banking district.

Above, dome of the Frankfurt Cathedral.

Above, Euro sign in front of the Eurotower.

Above, Eurotower.

Above, Westendstraße 1.

Above, waiting for my train inside Frankfurt Central station.