Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is the central business district of Montreal and houses the large majority of the city’s skyscrapers.

Above, view of Downtown Montreal and Rue Sainte-Catherine from my room at Hôtel des Gouverneurs.

Above, view of Downtown Montreal from the Chalet of Mount Royal.

Above, Guy Concordia University.

Above, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Above, Centre Bell, home of the legendary Canadiens hockey team.

Above, dome of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral.

Above, Place du Canada.

Above, Place Ville-Marie.

Above, CIBC Tower.

Above, underground shopping mall.

Above, looking towards Mount Royal from Place Ville-Marie.

Above, McGill University.

Above, Saint-Patrick’s Basilica.

Above, Phillips Square.

Above, Victoria Square.

Above, inside the Palais des Congrès.

Above, Chinatown.

Above, Complexe Desjardins.

Above, Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal.

Above, UQAM.

Above, Parterre du Quartier des spectacles.

Above, Place des Arts.

Above, Downtown Montreal at night from the Chalet of Mount Royal.


Frankfurt: Old Town, Main River

After my meeting, I had a bit of time left in Frankfurt before taking the train back to Amsterdam. I walked to the Römerberg in the Old Town then looped back to the banking district along the Main River.

Above, Main Tower in the banking district.

Above, Saint Paul’s Church.

Above, Römerberg.

Above, Frankfurt Cathedral (Kaiserdome).

Above, bridge on the Main River.

Above, love locks.

Above, Main River, looking towards the seat of the ECB.

Above, looking towards the banking district.

Above, dome of the Frankfurt Cathedral.

Above, Euro sign in front of the Eurotower.

Above, Eurotower.

Above, Westendstraße 1.

Above, waiting for my train inside Frankfurt Central station.

Observation Deck of Main Tower in Frankfurt

The Main Tower is a 200m skyscraper in the banking district of Frankfurt, in Germany. Its roof is an outdoor observation deck with a great view on  the city.

Above, in the elevator.

Above, on the observation deck.

Above, looking west towards Frankfurt Central train station.

Above, Silbertum Tower (HQ of Deutsche Bahn).

Above, Main River.

Above, Commerzbank Tower.

Above, Old Center.

Above, looking east towards the Zeil.

Above, Palais Quartier.

Above, Frankfurt Cathedral (Kaiserdome) and Saint Paul’s Church.

Above, Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

Above, Zeil.

Frankfurt: Banking District, Zeil, MyZeil

In April, I had to be in Frankfurt for a meeting. I took an early train from Amsterdam (~4 hours) so I had time to walk around before my appointment.

Above, Frankfurt Central train station.

Above, building in the Red Light District.

Above, Silbertum Tower.

Above, Main Tower in the banking district.

Above, view of the old center from the observation deck of Main Tower (more pictures).

Above, looking towards the railway station.

Above, St-Catherine’s Church.

Above, Zeil street.

Above, Zeilgalerie.

Above, MyZeil.

Above, marimba players outside MyZeil.

Above, Zeil.

Above, Euro sign in front of the Eurotower (former seat of the ECB).

Dubai: Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa & Emirates Towers

In November, I had to be out of Pakistan in order to renew my visa so I decided to go to Dubai and spend a few days there. I had been previously to Dubai Airport but it was my first time actually visiting.

After I got off the plane and passed customs, I took the metro to the area known as Downtown Dubai, which contains the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and a lot of residential and office skyscrapers. At the mall, it was quite early in the morning so no stores were open yet. Then, after almost 2 hours since arriving, I finally emerged to open air near the basin that hosts the Dubai Fountain. I walked around the basin, taking many photos of Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. I then made my way to the observatory, just as it opened. I bought my ticket (~40€) and took the elevator to the 124th floor. The view was pretty good, although, unfortunately, there was nothing much interesting to look at while up there… I was surprised by how extended the city was: Even the Burj Al Arab was quite far away. After Burj Khalifa, I walked towards the Emirates Towers. There are pavements and even pedestrian signals but the area is not really designed for walking and it took me a long time under the hot sun to reach the towers. The walk passed next to very modern buildings and yet more were under constructions. After the Emirates Towers, I took the metro to the Dubai Marina, where my hotel was located.

Above, bridge near Dubai Mall, in the early morning.

Above, The Address Downtown Hotel.

Above, Burj Khalifa.

Above, Dubai Mall.

Above, residences in Souk-al-Bahar.

Above, model of Burj Khalifa in the lobby of the observatory.

Above, observatory. There are holes in the windows so the view is great.

Above, looking towards the sea and the artificial World Islands (still unfinished).

Above, looking at the Financial District. The Emirates Towers are at the back.

Above, metro station.

Above, the end of Dubai Creek.

Above, Dubai Mall.

Above, Souk-al-Bahar.

Above, Dubai Fountain.

Above, looking towards the Marina and Burj al Arab.

Above, walking on a road along the Dubai Mall.

Above, Financial District.

Above, Index Tower.

Above, Park Towers.

Above, one of the Emirates Towers.

Above, Emirates Towers.

Above, Financial District, seen from the Emirates Towers.

Above, Sheikh Zayed Road, the longest road in the United Arab Emirates.