Modern art & architecture of Rotterdam

Since its historic center was almost completely destroyed during WW2, Rotterdam was rebuilt in modern architecture after the war. In the last few years, many new towers have arisen and many new iconic buildings designed. The cityscape is also dotted with many modern sculptures.

Above, “Santa Claus” (aka Butt Plug Gnome) by Paul McCarthy.

Above, Markthal.

Above, inside the building.

Above, Laurenskerk in the background.

Above, “The Guard” by Hans van Bentem.

Above, “Sylvette” by Picasso.

Above, near the entrance of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, under the Erasmusbrug.

Above, in Kop van Zuid.

Above, Floating Pavillon in Rijnhaven.

Above, Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Center.

Above, Centraal Station.

Above, Euromast.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Pauluskerk.

Above, World Port Center and New York Hotel.

Above, Netherlands Photo Museum.

Above, Cube Houses.


Rotterdam walk: Along the Nieuwe Maas from Oudehaven to Kop van Zuid

Starting from the Cube Houses in Oudehaven, I first crossed the Nieuwe Maas on the way to Noordereiland, using the Willemsbrug bridge. I then continued to Wilhleminaplein and, after a detour through Rijnhaven, reached the Hotel New York and the tip of Kop van Zuid. Finally, I crossed the river again on the Erasmusbrug.

Above, Oudehaven.

Above, Nieuwe Maas.

Above, Willemsbrug.

Above, in Ons Park in Noordereiland.

Above, De Hef, under repair when I visited.

Above, in Entrepothaven.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, view of the bridge from Whilelminaplein.

Above, the skyscrapers of Kop van Zuid from Rijnhaven.

Above, Drijvend Paviljoen (Floating Pavillion).

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Cruise Terminal in Kop van Zuid.

Above, Netherlands Photography Museum.

Above, Hotel New York.

Above, large cruise boat.

Above, Veerhaven.

Above, Euromast and Het Park.

Above, Rijnhaven.

Above, on the Erasmusbrug.

Above, Willemsbrug.

Above, towards Leuvehaven.

Fog in Rotterdam: Nieuwe Maas, Het Park

Starting from my hotel near Oudehaven, I walked along the Nieuwe Maas river until Leuvehaven and the Maritime Museum. Then I made a detour through the Westersingel canal, on the way to Het Park, where the Euromast is located. I had planned to visit the observatory, but I decided to postpone because of the fog. Instead, I walked back to Erasmusbrug along the river.

Above, Cube Houses in Oudehaven.

Above, Wijnhaven.

Above, Nieuwe Maas river.

Above, low visibility.

Above, near Erasmusbrug.

Above, Maritime Museum in Leuvehaven.

Above, “Cascade” by Atelier van Lieshout.

Above, “Guard” by Hans van Bentem.

Above, Westersingel canal.

Above, rabbit sculptures near the Natural History Museum.

Above, in Het Park.

Above, Euromast.

Above, New Ocean Paradise, a floating hotel in Parkhaven.

Above, back at the Nieuwe Maas.

Above, tunnel ventilation shaft.

Above, Erasmusbrug and the skyscrapers of Kop van Zuid.

Above, De Rotterdam.

Above, Veerhaven. When I arrived there, the fog had pretty much lifted.

Above, Erasmusbrug.

Above, Japanese Torii at the Wereldmuseum.

Walk along the ramparts of Québec City

During my holiday in Québec, I stayed mostly in Montreal but I also made a day trip to Québec City, the provincial capital. It takes ~3h to get there by bus (Orléans Express). I spent most of the day walking along the ramparts of Québec. Their construction began at the founding of the city by the French in 1608. They are now the only remaining fortified city walls in North America.

I started the walk at Parc de l’Artillerie, crossed the old city gates and arrived at the Citadelle. I then made a detour through the Plains of Abraham then followed the Promenade des Gouverneurs to reach the Dufferin Terrace and Old Quebec. I spent some time visiting the area then made my way down to Quartier Petit-Champlain and the waterfront. It started raining pretty hard at that point so I went back to the Old City and Parc Montmorency then completed the loop to get back to my starting point.

Above, in Parc de l’Artillerie.

Above, looking towards Gare du Palais (train station).

Above, Redoute Dauphine.

Above, cannons.

Above, Porte Saint-Jean.

Above, Edifice Price, the official residency of the Premier of Québec.

Above, Place d’Youville.

Above, Maison Dauphine.

Above, Chapelle des Jésuites.

Above, Porte Kent.

Above, looking back at Porte Kent.

Above, Parliament of Québec.

Above, bust of Churchill.

Above, Porte Saint-Louis.

Above, the ramparts from the outside.

Above, Fontaine de Tourny.

Above, bust of Gandhi.

Above, Parc de l’Esplanade.

Above, Citadelle being restored (october 2016).

Above, the Plains of Abraham, where the battle for Québec was fought between the British and the French. It is a large park now.

Above, Saint-Lawrence river.

Above, on the Promenade des Gouverneurs. It goes along the wall of the Citadelle.

Above, cannon on the Citadelle.

Above, boardwalk of Dufferin Terrace, with Château Frontenac in the background.

Above, luge track.

Above, view of the Saint-Lawrence from Parc de la Reine.

Above, view from Terrasse Pierre Dugas de Mons.

Above, Monument to Samuel de Champlain.

Above, former post office (Édifice Louis-S.-St-Laurent).

Above, UNESCO monument.

Above, Parc Montmorency.

Above, Laval University.

Above, Quartier Petit-Champlain seen from the Park.

Above, on the way to the waterfront.

Above, funicular to Old Québec.

Above, view of Château Frontenac from the waterfront.

Above, back on the ramparts, with heavy rain.

Above, silos and Bassin Louise.

Walk along Rivière des Prairies (part 2) in Laval: Parc Gagné, Parc des Prairies, Berge Délia-Tétreault

After Ile Perry, I crossed the Rivière des Prairies to reach the town of Laval. There, I walked in Parc Gagné, Parc des Prairies and Berge Délia-Tétreault. I then crossed the river again in order to take the subway at Henri-Boussara station, near Parc Ahuntsic in Montreal.

Above, train tracks on the bridge to Laval.

Above, ducks in Parc Gagné.

Above, power transmission towers on Ile Perry.


Above, in Parc des Prairies.

Above, Centre Le Maillon de Laval.

Above, in Berge Délia-Tétreault.

Above, black squirrel.

Above, Pont Papineau-Leblanc.

Above, lighthouse.

Above, Pont Viau to Montreal.

Above, Parc Maurice-Richard.

Above, in Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

Above, near Parc Ahuntsic.