Walk in Seynod: Parc du Val Vert, Parc du Pré de Vassy

Last winter, I went on a walk in Seynod, a neighbourhood of Annecy. Coming from the old town of Annecy, I visited Parc du Val Vert and Parc du Pré de Vassy, then went back.

Above, coming from the Thiou river in Annecy.

Above, in the ZAE de Vovray – Barral – Val Vert.

Above, entrance of Parc du Val Vert.

Above, “Danger de Mort” (Danger of Death).

Above, fish tail.

Above, Bassin de Loverchy, an overflow reservoir for the Loverchy river.

Above, Loverchy river (Ruisseau de Loverchy).

Above, the grid in the reservoir is shaped like the head of a fish.

Above, a large housing development near Parc du Val Vert.

Above, Monument du Souvenir Français.

Above, Parc du Pré de Vassy.

Above, pond inside the park.

Above, Seynod city hall and public library.

Above, back at Parc du Val Vert on the way back to Annecy.

Above, Thiou river seen from the Pont Neuf in Annecy.


Bike ride to Saint-Jorioz along Lake Annecy / Marais de l’Enfer

Last winter, I took my bike on the Voie Verte (bike road) along Lake Annecy until I reached Saint-Jorioz. There was a great view on the Bornes mountains from there. On the way back, I stoped at the Marais de l’Enfer (Swamp of Hell), a nature reserve on the shore of the lake.

Above, the lake in Annecy.

Above, firemen watering the lake.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, Ile aux Cygnes.

Above, Mont Veyrier.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz.

Above, Promenade Cheltenham.

Above, Salève in the background.

Above, Montagne d’Entrevernes to the south.

Above, leaving Annecy.

Above, in Sévrier.

Above, Dents de Lanfon.

Above, Promenade des Seines.

Above, Dents de Lanfon, Lanfonnet and Tournette.

Above, Semnoz.

Above, Mont Baret.

Above, at the Plage Municipale (City beach) of Sévrier.

Above, Port of Sévrier.

Above, snow on La Tournette.

Above, Voie Verte.

Above, in Saint-Jorioz.

Above, Château de Menthon, on Col de Bluffy.

Above, cliff of Roc de Chère.

Above, boat terminal.

Above, port of Saint-Jorioz.

Above, donkeys.

Above, in Marais de l’Enfer, on the way to the lake.

Above, reed.

Above, on the way back to Annecy.

Above, small canal in the old town.

Above, view from Pont des Amours.

Walk from Pont de la Caille to Annecy

After crossing the Pont de la Caille, I went back to Annecy on foot, following trails I found on OpenStreetMap. Below is the path I took (download KML):

I actually didn’t go all the way: At the end of the day, I took the bus from Argonay to the outskirts of Annecy and walked home from there.

Above, start of the trail near the bridge.

Above, highway bridge.

Above, church in Allonzier-la-Caille.

Above, La Tournette.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, Salève.

Above, Crêt de la Dame.

Above, dead cat on the side of the road.

Above, near the highway.

Above, forest trail along the Viéran river.

Above, I managed to cross the Viéran without getting my feet wet.

Above, at this point, I had to take my shoes off to cross the river. The water was very cold…

Above, highway to Geneva.

Above, muddy path to Saint-Martin-Bellevue.

Above, church of Saint-Martin-Bellevue.

Above, Montagne de la Mandallaz.

Above, Parmelan.

Above, golf course, with La Tournette in the background.

Above, crocus.

Above, looking towards Lac du Bourget from the viewpoint near the church.

Above, another viewpoint.

Above, Salève.

Above, Mont Veyrier.

Above, Montage de Sous-Dine.

Above, Bornes mountains.

Above, Parc à Daims (Deer park) in Argonay.

Above, Semnoz, seen from the bus stop in Argonay.

Above, in Annecy.

Pont de la Caille

The Pont de la Caille (aka Pont Charles-Albert) is a suspension bridge linking the villages of Allonzier-la-Caille and Cruseilles in Haute-Savoie, on the path between Annecy and Geneva. It was built in 1839 to cross the gorge formed by the Usses river, 147m below. A second bridge, the Pont Neuf (aka Pont Caquot) was added in 1928 to support train and car traffic.

Above, a rest area was recently built near the the bridge, complete with benches, picnic tables and suspended viewpoints.

Above, Pont Charles-Albert.

Above, viewpoint above the gorge.

Above, south gate, with Mont Pelé behind it.

Above, Usses river below.

Above, the 2 bridges.

Above, crossing the bridge.

Above, gorge des Usses. There are a few trails down.

Above, Pont Neuf, with the Bornes mountains in the background.

Above, another viewpoint near the south gate.

Winter walk in Collex-Bossy & Ornex

Collex-Bossy and Ornex are two small towns located next to each other but on different sides of the France / Geneva border. Last Christmas, I went on a short walk in the area.

Above, an old border stone along the path.

Above, in Ornex (France).

Above, in Collex-Bossy (Switzerland).

Above, snow on the Jura moutains.

Above, grapevines.

Above, another stone.

Above, the tip of Mont Blanc in the distance.

Above, containers for the helium of the LHC.