Hike from Mount Mitake to Okutama

Earlier this week, I went on a hike in the mountains in the western part of Tokyo:

  • First, starting in Mitake (Ome City), I took a funicular up Mount Mitake (929m), in the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. The summit has a Shinto Shrine.
  • I then walked through the forest in an area called the Rock Garden (actually a trail next to a river)
  • Then I went up Mount Odake (1266m). The summit offers a great view on Mount Fuji.
  • Finally, I went down the mountain via Mount Nokogiri, until I reached Okutama, in Nishitama District, the westernmost area of Tokyo.

Above, in the morning, in front of Mitake JR Station.

Above, funicular up Mount Mitake.

Above, trail to Mitake Shrine.

Above, Mitake Shrine.

Above, trail to the Rock Garden.

Above, Nanayo Waterfall.

Above, Ayahiro Waterfall.

Above, trail to Mount Odake.

Above, a snake.

Above, trail to the summit of Mount Odake.

Above, Mount Fuji from the summit of Mount Odake.

Above, trail to Mount Nokogiri.

Above, summit of Mount Nokogiri.

Above, road to Okutama.

Above, Okutama.

Above, Tama River in Okutama.

Above, waiting for the train back to Tokyo (Ome Line).

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