Sichuan beef shreds / Twice cooked pork / Mapo tofu / Kung Pao chicken / Sichuan boiled beef at Jia Yan in Paris

Jia Yan is one of my favorite Sichuan-style Chinese restaurants in Paris. They have a large selection of dishes so I went there many times.

Below, dry-fried Sichuan beef shreds (干煸牛肉丝).

Below, twice cooked pork (回锅肉).

Below, mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐).

Above,  I also had the Chinese chive pancakes (葱油饼) with the mapo tofu.

Below, Gong Bao chicken (宫保鸡丁).

Below, Sichuan spicy boiled beef (水煮牛肉).

Below, complimentary starters.

Below, complimentary fruits for dessert.