Pont du Diable

The Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge) is small stone bridge in Bellecombe-en-Bauges, not very far from the Pont de l’Abîme. The deep and narrow gorge formed by the Nant de Bellecombe below is a popular place for the practice of canyoning.

Above, walking to the bridge from the car park.

Above, the gorge.

Above, Pont du Diable.

Above, there are paths in the forest along the river.

Above, Mont Colombier.

Below, I had already been there during the summer, while I was passing through on my bike. At the time, I saw a few people in the Gorge.

Above, canyoning.


Pont de l’Abîme / Gorges du Chéran

Last autumn, I went on a car trip through the Bauges valley near Annecy, visiting points of interest along the way. The first stop was the Pont de l’Abîme (literally Abyss Bridge), a suspension bridge linking the villages of Cusy and Gruffy. It was built in 1887 to cross the gorge formed by the Chéran river, 96m below.

Above, Semnoz.

Above, crossing the bridge.

Above, Gorges du Chéran. There are trails to go down.

Above, Chéran river.

Above, Montagne de Bange.

Above, viewing platform.

Above, hotel / restaurant next to the bridge.

Above, Tours Saint-Jacques.

Pont de la Caille

The Pont de la Caille (aka Pont Charles-Albert) is a suspension bridge linking the villages of Allonzier-la-Caille and Cruseilles in Haute-Savoie, on the path between Annecy and Geneva. It was built in 1839 to cross the gorge formed by the Usses river, 147m below. A second bridge, the Pont Neuf (aka Pont Caquot) was added in 1928 to support train and car traffic.

Above, a rest area was recently built near the the bridge, complete with benches, picnic tables and suspended viewpoints.

Above, Pont Charles-Albert.

Above, viewpoint above the gorge.

Above, south gate, with Mont Pelé behind it.

Above, Usses river below.

Above, the 2 bridges.

Above, crossing the bridge.

Above, gorge des Usses. There are a few trails down.

Above, Pont Neuf, with the Bornes mountains in the background.

Above, another viewpoint near the south gate.

Lyon: Walk along the Rhône

After leaving the Lyon Confluence area, I walked along the Rhône on the way to the Old Town of Lyon (Vieux Lyon), making a few detours here and there.

Above, Musée des Confluences seen from Parc de Gerland.

Above, under the Pont Raymond Barre.

Above, Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière in the background.

Above, Pont Gallieni, towards Lyon-Perrache.

Above, Statue de la République, on Place Carnot.

Above, Lyon-Perrache train station.

Above, fountain on Place Ampère.

Above, Fontaine Gailleton.

Above, Tour Incity, the tallest building in Lyon.

Above, Pont de l’Université.

Above, swimming pool.

Above, Pont de la Guillotière.

Above, Place Bellecour.

Above, statue of Louis XIV.

Above, Fourvière.

Above, now at the Saône river, near the Vieux Lyon.

San Francisco: Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge

After the Palace of Fine Arts, I entered the Presidio of San Francisco then walked along a beach to the Golden Gate Bridge, at the northern tip of the park. I walked on the bridge until the halfway point then came back to land and took a trail in the hills along the Pacific ocean.

Above, East Beach.

Above, Crissy Field Marsh.

Above, former coastguard station.

Above, Torpedo Wharf.

Above, Golden Gate Bridge.

Above, Alcatraz Island.

Above, a sea lion.

Above, on the way up to the bridge.

Above, on the bridge.

Above, Fort Point.

Above, San Francisco Bay.

Above, bunkers of Battery Marcus Miller.

Above, Pacific Ocean.

Above, view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Coastal Trail.

Above, on the Batteries to Bluffs Trail to Marshall’s Beach.

Above, Marshall’s Beach.

Above, Baker Beach.

Above, on the De Anza Trail to Immigrant Point.